Redd-ID Updates


Keeping a running log of Redd-ID progress here ->
For those interested

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Looking good :slight_smile:


Currently working on creating a video that shows how it all hangs together


Gnasher Will you add a social network VK (VKontakte) in the future?


SYAR we can certainly look at it.
I understand it is one of the larger social networks in Europe


Gnasher Here are the facts
alt text
alt text


Gnasher How about adding


Ctrent33 said in Redd-ID Updates:

Gnasher How about adding

The current Reddcoin Tip Platform (Chrome extension) already includes “Easily tip Redd on twitter, reddit, and


Gnasher : Keep it up! And thanks for your efforts, I really mean it.


Good progress, scammer. Enjoy your RDD @ 1-5 sats range.


SmartonoseN : Get a life, you post the same bullcrap everywhere in the forum. We got your point, now find something else to do.


huebby you are basically angry, because I was honest and told the truth about the Gnasher’s scam? Wait a sec boy, I’m still staking 0.5 mln coins, so … theoretically I’m supporting the network. So instead of being angry with me - you should complain that Gnasher is one lazy asshole. Peace, pendejo.


SmartonoseN I doubt it will ever see 5 rdd again I wont go into details I will let you assume you are right and sell off your coin and laugh as the price stays stable and slowly rises.


It will rise eventually from pump not dev work so its like a casino at this point