Redd is Deadcoin


The tipping platform is not out, but they say it is and show images of it in play. This is a material misrepresentation of fact that cause people to make choices based on misleading information. It’s one thing to say that it will one day be or that is what it will look like, but they say it is already up and running.
2.There are images up of a wallet for Reddcoin that does not exist. Sure there is a Reddcoin wallet, but not the one they show. The current wallet is too much trouble for the average person, thus people do not want to deal with it.

There are no updates and the development team has stated that REddcoin is a “hobby” and they have other more important things going on in their life. Hmm. If it is so great and is up and working, why wouldn’t they dedicate the time to the project? They did say they wanted to incorporate a few years back. You would think if it were soooo profitable, they would act like prudent businessmen.


Stop trolling dude, you are spamming without any hard facts.

It sounds more like you had a bad trip with your RDD.

grow up and move on



In the nicest possible way dude, get a life. If you don’t like Reddcoin, move on with your life and leave us to it.

Thanks :slight_smile:



I’m thinking of buying RDD; haven’t quite decided yet, still doing research. I like to hear pros and cons… the good and the bad… So, thanks for your comment… valid points… will look into it


hache_line The ‘issues’ that were raised by lawyer4life are mainly fabricated… They’ve taken a few things but skewed them out of context…



I don’t know where you get your info from but ReddCoin is going to become huge! But we have to start using it and tipping ReddCoin for it to get noticed, big time! ReddCoin is not dead.

Long live ReddCoin!!