Reddcoin backup after every transaction?


Do i have to do a backup of wallet after every transaction? My problem is that after reinstallation of Windows i restored the reddcoin wallet from an old backup file i made 2 years ago and now my ballance is much lower? Can somebody help?


Yes, a Backup after every transaction is very important.
The reason is that the change from a transaction goes to a new address which isn’t included in any old backup.

This site explains it better than I could.

I use “Coin Control” as a workaround to send the change to one specific address.


so is there a definitive answer for this subject?


Well there are two questions here.

  1. Do I have to make a backup after ervery transaction
    Answer: definitely yes!

  2. Can someone help recover access to lost coins due to lack of an appropriate backup?
    Answer: no!