Reddcoin bargain prices right now.

What an incredible time to buy up as many Reddcoins as possible. The buy on Poloniex is currently at 5 satoshis and the sell is at 4 satoshis. I am buying as much as I can before the Social X platform goes live. These opportunities sometimes only come once so I would encourage new buyers and old alike to scoop up as many as possible. Also, I have been giving away Reddcoin to family and friends and at these prices we can afford to but once Reddcoin begins its journey past 40 satoshis it will be harder to give away as many now with these low prices.

altcoinbonanza with Changetip and Zapchain both announcing closure, the time is right for Reddcoin to re-launch.
We have been able to observe the social space as these platforms have evolved.
Reddcoin is continuing to push forward with social micro-donations and decentralised user wallets.

I have been quite over the last weeks, as I am very focused on our timelines.
Redd-ID is taking shape on testnet, and I have achieved many of the goals I set out with.

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John, you are an incredible asset to this currency and I hope users and the community realize this, Reddcoin is now at an important part of its birthing and as soon as the platform gains its legs watch out. Please kep up the great work and in time the crypto world will be even brighter with Reddcoin’s social x platform in place.

Thanks altcoinbonanza

If you think Reddcoin is a bargain, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

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nox How much!!

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lol good one John.