Reddcoin Community Drive

Hi Everyone,

Like most Reddheads I’ve been settling in to our new home here at Reddcointalk and so far I’ve really enjoyed the experience. This has been a big move for us and I think it will stand as another important milestone in Reddcoin history.

The only temporary drawback has been a reduction in the frequency and visibility of tipping. I know the devs are on top of this but in the meantime I’ve got some RDD that are just itching to be tipped out.

If others are feeling the same way then I’d like to suggest a Reddcoin Community Drive where we send donations to the Reddcoin-related faucets and services that help to enrich the Reddcoin ecosystem.

I’ve compiled a list of some the Reddcoin faucets and services and I’ll start by sending 20000 RDD donations to each of them. Please feel free to post other sites that I’ve missed and I’ll try to donate to them as well.

Faucets: ----------------- Reu4ZkPFevfwUrQUp4XcPi3fA2b8iwH5ZF ----------------------- Rtfq15hPs9L1wmgvDqL6Ai5PMjQoFsq6qC ------------ RfmRRKPbifFXbMgGzdu5nHiQEZEc82AhFm - Rj53hNSmYKF28PeZbfeAoYvcAcNywgup84

Services: --------------------- ReddAtNkVWLSgUfaXY7MFfYJvuZR5xHRh7 ----------------------- Rgb8fc8vF1JH6YkXcPfaiwUDyQUyNj368P

GrayPhoenix This may be useful:

iisurge Thanks! I’ve added more to the original post and will be sending donations shortly.

Does have a donation address?

GrayPhoenix not yet. Don’t donate before its even out (;

GrayPhoenix thanks a lot for your donation! I will forward it to fill the faucet at please remove from your list and add instead. the address is ReddAtNkVWLSgUfaXY7MFfYJvuZR5xHRh7
If I can collect enough funds I will rise the payout of to 10,000 RDD

ReddcoinRocks Done.

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