Reddcoin Core Wallet will Not Sync, 0 Active Connections


Wallet will not sync and 0 Active Connections… I have tried DLing the Bootstrap file as well as adding the extra nodes in a reddcoin.conf file and NOTHING is working! I have coins waiting for confirmation to be sent but NOTHING is syncing… Can Anyone help?


Are you running this inside a virtual machine? If not, give me your pc specs. Do you have any special firewall software? Anything could be blocking the connection.


lvtion I am running it on a PC with Windows 10 with an Intel i5 6600k CPU on a 64 bit operating system… and no I do not have any firewalls in place etc… It was running fine for the longest time, I was Staking etc then it just stopped… Now my 50k+ coins are stuck in the cloud on their way back to an exchange and can not be confirmed


reddview but it is not syncing or connecting at all! When I first DLed the wallet, it connected and took almost a month to catch up now its just sitting completely idle “Trying” to connect but nothing


And I thought I was Robinson Caruso, I lost my test coins as there seems to be no test facility. Nothing is moving after I sent and confirmed either . Do we have a clue.
Any help would be good.



I am having the same issue. I backed up wallet.dat and downloaded the latest block. It started to bring up active connections but then quit again. I haven’t been able to get connections or updates in the past few days


Hi! Guys,
I would like to learn from your knowlwdge please as I have the same problem and am new to this type of wallet.





Had a Guy supposedly from REDD to help me Fix problems with their wallet and he has had control of my computer and was doing a good job but now I find he has stolen all my Ripple and REDD coins yet they have not be verified by me and I have cancelled the last and only one I can find on my Coinspot pages. Have I indeed been syupid enough to lose about $1700. His email had me fooled " Johnathon O’Leary [

Lots of people also having trouble with the wallet having lost all my coin to this shister I will have to start again. worried about the safety

He just tried my bank accounts so is still live using what he downloaded as I slept.


I wish you nothing but a full recovery of your lost coins and if you need help or anything else, reach out to me or any other admins here. I’m one on the Reddcoin team - so rest assured.

But ‘reddview’ I’ve banned this guy numerous times and he creates a new account. I know this is “tosheto”, “RustyNail”, using a bulgarian email address, and now he’s using rented servers as proxies. But now - thanks to DigitalOcean, I have his details. We will be banning IP blocks next. No problem, those details were shared amongst the other admins and we are watching everything now.



Thank goodness you are all aware, this was my first time on the chat for help and I got bitten hard and he has downloaded and is working on many more of my accountants, And he his quicker than me as I chase to change all my accounts. I shall try to buy back in again soon.