Reddcoin identity system Redd-ID coming soon

Reddheads news:

reddibrek Very exciting. Is this concept unique to Reddcoin or are any other coins doing it?

marvelousform what we are building is unique.
I don’t believe I have seen any other coin try to achieve what we have cooking

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marvelousform There are other coins with similar things… check out nxt it has an id system in it… and even allows trading between coins on their supernet.

in nxt you can literally register a word/name/url or any other data to your nxt account… and no one else can then use it within the nxt system without having to buy it from you first.

basically you could register any url to any other place that is yours as proof of who you are and until sold it will only point back to your account.

so say you want to use the name…… you could register that on the nxt block chain and no one else could do the same… if anyone wanted use of they would have to get you to sell the name to them.

and next does not even us a wallet.dat to store your information in making it harder to hack then any standard wallet that has a .dat file on your computer to access it.

it has a robust set of features that not many other coins have.

Well, thanks for that NXT plug, Drakona

marvelousform the Redd-ID system makes use of a data-storage system within the blockchain known as OP_RETURN. Generally speaking blockchains all have this or a similar feature. Gnasher might wish to expand a bit here.

It is how these features are used to build interesting applications that counts.

The plan for Redd-ID goes beyond simply granting access to this feature (which is something that is common) - the plan is to use it to build seamless integration with social networks and to build an ecosystem - a kind of meta-social network.

The features in planning and development, and the way we envisage this working, are unique.

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reddibrek Gnasher thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

I love unique and different. I am sure that implementing the Reddcoin goal to integrate with existing social platforms will not be an easy task but when the work is tested and done then it will be a beauttiful platform with the ease of tipping and micropayments.

The article has just been published in French.

Reddcoin increasingly gaining popularity in social networks

reddibrek lol… I have always done that…and the system of nxt is far more robust than even I mentioned and growing even further very soon. it can already be intergrated in to any social network by tieing your name there and the url to your account there to your nxt account. anyone can click that link to send you nxt straight to your account since that alias is tied to your account. no tip bot or anything like that needed.

it allows trade between nxt and btc and several other coins right through the super wallet.

it has a currency system where you can offer your own currencey in trade for nxt… you can loan out your nxt for others to use when forgeing…which is similar to pos with reddcoin.

it has a lot of features that reddcoin needs to look at and consider something similar.

plus reddid has been a long time in the works… and yet nxt has its system already going and expanding.

the unique thing about nxt it is does not use a wallet.dat either it uses a brain wallet which makes it harder to hack unless you know the persons account id itself. there is no .dat like most other coins use that can be hacked easier over time.

nxt is at 0.00001809 BTC and rdd is at 0.00000007 BTC on poloniex at the moment.

Drakona Didn’t you used to hang around here?

Now you sound like one of those guys who will go throw money at whatever coin sounds most promising…

Yes I used to hang around here and held reddcoin for a while. but the development was too slow as it was for many other users who left as well. There are so many other coins out there that are developing at a much faster rate then reddcoin is. Investors look for what will bring results quickly as well as what may one day bring results later down the road. You do not just put your eggs all in one basket/coin and hope for the best. That is not a wise course of action ever.

Investors, shareholders, whales… these guys bore me. They couldn’t care whether it was coins or panties.

Why not learn a skill and help create the tools you want to use?

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marvelousform not everyone is good with coding and not everyone has the time to learn to become good with it either. There are many people that just want a working functioning service without having to make it so in the first place. And every coin that wants to last or do well has to take those kinds of people into consideration or loose users which make it loose interest in the world at large from lack of adoption by the general public. If you have to know how to build the car to drive it, then a lot of people will choose the car that does not require that out of ease and comfort.

Drakona it’s not “every coin that wants to last or do well…” but every person who wants a coin to last or do well…"

Every person who wants a coin to do well will do something about it - the statement seems almost tautologous to me.

There are a lot of people about who want to make money from a coin but could not really care less about the long-term prospects.


marvelousform in the cryptocurrency world the situation appears clear as day to me.

Someone who buys cryptocurrency is not an investor, not a shareholder… they can never be more than a speculator.

The only people who can be considered investors are those who put their time and effort into the project.

Nothing else makes sense to me in this environment.

reddibrek “Speculator” … yes that’s a better way to put it.

… in the context of “investors”, “investments”, etc of course.

The long-term goal is to encourage actual use - “users” ! :slight_smile: