Reddcoin Integration to the Steam Network Petition


Dear Reddheads,

So krizzzle approached me with this idea, I thought it would be a good idea to make a petition. As if it is heavily supported it highly increases the chances of Steam incorporating the proposition. Personally I think this is indeed achievable, but it is down to the community to help succeed in making it possible.

Let’s see what the Reddcoin community can do?

Your support is appreciated ,


I am very enthusiastic about how my idea is perceived and I signed. Lets make this happen as it would not only make us be able to buy games on steam with reddcoin (which is awesome!). It would also be big news and make reddcoin be mentioned in the news all over the world!


krizzzle I used to play some CS:GO myself, RDD would be awesome to exchange for some skins.


Lets get this idea off the ground. What about contacting Sony as well. Playstation’s Playstore could also open up a huge market. Everyone knows Playstation!


this idea would be great i fully support this :wink:


HAHAHAHHAHAH If that happens I will give the devs 100 btc DONATION cheers LOL


Gozzy my friend wit bot now you are core dev :smiley: LOL you REAlly :smiley: hahahahahaha


dudilicious i shall be looking forward to that 100 BTC : )

Good to see you haven’t changed!


That intergration will be a big step for reddcoin’s future. Keep trying the best of you bro!!!
From fan of korea wa hooo~~~~


Im chust richer ,rdd is a great pl.d coin and it is more volatile than bitcoin at 7 dec it was 14 satoshi, now it is 9 thats haplplening every time , how will steam accept so volatile coin and how can u stop whales


What are you developing now ? Still bots ? What happlened with redd id gnasher said ot is 95% ready on may ,cannot finish 5% in half year … shame


Ok guys I think if your going to approach Steam (Valve) now would be the time. See article below. They have just dropped bitcoin as the fees were too high.


Awesome idea! Giving someone a tip for the workshop or a review would really boost the development. It would also be good marketing for Reddcoin!


need to get this to 5k


Would it not be better to see if we can get reddcoin integrated into Sony with it’s PS4 onine shop and become the coin of choice for them, so customers can buy their games online using reddcoin ?


Now that Steam-network has broken with bitcoin it is the perfect time for reddcoin to step in mainly cause of the free transactions witch are applied.
how can we convince steam to team up with reddcoin, we need to do this people !


Walter1975 Some great ideas starting to come out of this forum… if only we had some support over here… 90% of Reddheads are tearing up the forums at Reddit.

Would be nice to get some support over here from the Reddit side…

After all, this is the original Reddcoin Forum and the landing site for most new comers looking for answers… Come on Reddheads lets put or heads together


Great idea but by the time we get to 5000 petitions they might have already found another coin to partner up with. Originally we needed 2500 petitions then it was raised to 5000. Once we get 5000 will this be raised to 75oo? This petition needs to get in soon. I assume Steem is already looking for a partner and we will be too late by the time this gets in.



How far along are we now petition wise ?
Let us boost it up people let us make steam know Reddcoin is the party to partner with


3575 petitions at the moment. Very slow progress getting people to sign.