Reddcoin Integration to the Steam Network Petition


It starts to smell like a scam more and more and more


Agree! I do not understand why more people are not signing the petition. I think many just want to remain anonymous for various reasons. That is a shame. As I speak we are close to 4600.


Thread got so many views vs how many signatures it has up to this point.

Perhaps many are not aware of what Steam is?

They control a huge percent (if not the biggest) of the PC Gaming Market.

If Reddcoin became a payment option, that’s ummm…kind of a big deal.

Cheers to 2018!


Walter1975 keep talking like that you’ll encourage a noose dive… is the price not going up like I said… The banks HAVEN’T EVEN REOPENED YET.

keep things positive work together as a community, its in our best interest!


PasCarbs, Reddcoin partnered with LWF, but this is not even an active platform yet that is why they are coming out with presale of their coin this month. is not an existing exchange, and despite our huge community getting 5000 petitions signed is almost undouable.
Also our Reddcoin wallet has been created by the Bitcoin core developers ?
When i am asking critical questions or make fundamental statements then you respond to me personally, but you are not giving answers to my questions.
Just answer my questions, cause i have done my homework and now it is your turn.


OK so I discovered REDDCOIN by accident in the beginning of December and liked the concept and bought a rather large sum of it. And I am trying to learn more and more about it. This idea of integrating it with Steam is AWESOME, so i support it and have voted and shared to FB. I already told my family and friends about RDD and they are interested in buying it also.


I signed the petition :slight_smile:


Al3x5andar I am new to this community myself.
I discovered REDDCOIN during random research and liked what I read.
Coincidentally, I have been a Steam Customer since 2003 ( ) and happen to stumble upon this thread.
I did the same thing and spread the word to my gaming community and friends on FB.

At the time of this post, we only need 65 more sigs and it can be presented to Lord GabeN O_O
(Edit 1-3-2018: LoL we need 2200 more for 7500 signatures)
Hopefully he blesses it and integrates RDD into Steam payment options.



feilochai Really hope it goes through with steam. Keeping our finger crossed


Walter1975 Do the math… 1+1=2 or window? publicity opens doors, full stop… you dont realise the amount of new members we achieve everyday just from community support and publicity… People from all walks of life packing some serious knowledge and fire power, within a vast array of industries!.. Reddcoin NOW BECOMES THEIR BUSINESS, THEIR INVESTMENT!

Did you not notice the price boom again, an again… PUBLICITY MY FRIEND!
We all know the DEV. Team didn’t perform any major achievements at this time… STILL IN SNAIL MODE FLAT LINING NO WAVES.

THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED… someone got out there and stirred $hit up and it blew up… just as intended!


ACHIEVEMENTS: Reddcoin awareness throughout a wide range of social media (Reddcoin’s target audience)… Bringing Reddcoin to the masses.

Now… you probably thinking not much action from our Dev. team… well thats about to change as well… we’re seeing this already.

We have a highly intelligent DEV team behind us, I believe there deadlines will be meet with Greater then expected material… I’m positive on that!

As a team member… take part in the community, stick together, help one another, keep positive and ultimately reap rewards in the end.

Walter1975 now if that doesn’t sum things up for you… well you probably shouldn’t be here… be positive!

Play chess sometime :+1:

Strategy is key!


LoL so 5000 7500 signatures it is!

I can only sign once but i’m still onboard.

I’m guessing the more the merrier?
Bigger numbers = Larger support for the idea? Steam does have a large door to knock down.
Does “time is of the essence” apply here? Are there any other alt coins attempting this?
We need to get those signatures in so we don’t have to find out.

Let’s get it!
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Walter1975 You might be swallowing your words right now, huh bud? LOL. Patience. Help/watch and let the community grow, and you shall see your profit, sir. God bless!


/tip Gozzy 5 Rdd


Gozzy signed and shared, this is a great objective


Better hurry.
Did some research to answer my own questions regarding competition coins doing the same thing.
So far…

Let’s get those sigs in!!


SO how many signatures do we need now??
5000 or 7500?


Al3x5andar it moved up to 7500
i got the feeling when it hits 7500, it will move up to 10000 lol
don’t quote me on that - it’s just a guess


Asznee said in Reddcoin Integration to the Steam Network Petition:

Listen yeah, 17.6k people saw this post. I assume that these were mostly Reddheads, HOW ARE WE ON 3.8k SIGNATURES…

If you want to help Reddcoin reach new hights, this will be a huge step for us Reddheads.


Hey everyone we are almost there! Only 70 signatures left!
Let’s gooooooooooo


7504 signatures now, next goal is 10’000. When is this petition closed and considered a success? I genuinely don’t get the concept.