Reddcoin Latest Developments

I wanted to take a moment and update you with some of the latest status on Reddcoin.

Over the last months we have been bringing various aspects of this project together and working on some very cool things. As a community, we have banded together with a common interest and goal of pushing Reddcoin forward.
We have been slowly building out various aspects of the project and everything is moving forward at a nice pace, however one thing remained: That of ownership and administration of the domain names and websites.

Up until now (if you didn’t know), the domain and websites have been maintained by the original Reddcoin management. Now this may seem like an odd situation to be in seeing as “the old management disappeared”. However, for myself, this could not be further from the truth, I have maintained contact with many of the original developers and management, and more recently some have even come back to be involved again.

So I would like to take a moment to thank Jonathan Patenaude who was the original Reddcoin founder. Who has been most gracious in maintaining the various websites and domains since the launch of Reddcoin. This has included both the and domains and servers, along with the block explorer and tipbot servers. During the entire time, this has extended to cover all the administration and financial support of operating these servers along with renewals up and including while I have been guiding this project.

I recently reached out to Jon to request the transfer of all the Reddcoin domain names and assets so that it could be curated by those most involved. To which he has not only agreed, but also to do so without any remuneration. That is, he is generously providing everything required to continue operation in good faith for the benefit and growth of the Reddcoin Community,.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jon for all his efforts, in keeping Reddcoin going behind the scenes and wish him all the best and especially thank you.


Thank you to the entire community, but most especially to the dev team, without whom there would be no Reddcoin at all.


I think a hearty round of thanks is due to both Jon Patenaude, for the reasons eloquently described by John, and to John Nash for continuing to carry the baton forward. I think many in the community simply take such things for granted, and thus such efforts are rarely noted or appreciated explicitly. So yeah…Thanks, Jon, and thanks, John!


Time and time again I thought Reddcoin is dead, despite its brilliant idea in front of me, the sudden disappearance of the dev team and consistent low attention around the world makes me wonder is this project even ongoing.

Now, thanks to Gnasher it feels like it’s up again and rising with detailed plans! But yes I do believe it’s operating now, obviously more things need to be done and catch up with the cryptocurrency pace! Still I can see the potential behind its project =]


Clement I was going to tip you, do you have your wallet synced?

YEs Reddcoin is alive and well!


dddthemachine Yes I do have a wallet RcvZMyw4ct3hb6MHuecovEA1SKymFy1efA

Thank you for your generous =] Let’s make Reddcoin flourish.

Thank you Gnasher for the extensive information and you’re thoughts. Personally I like Reddcoin because of it’s concept and future simplicity. Wish you all the best and will try to help out make Reddcoin more famous by spreading the word!


Hello everyone, members of the community Reddcoin! My name is Vladislav! I would like to tell you about the new promotion, growth and price of RDD! I deal with commercials on the territory of the Russian Federation, basically my work takes place with federal channels, and I also work and is closely connected with working on the Internet.
At the moment I’m working on the development and preparation of a video about Reddcoin, this video will tell you about the coin itself in more details, and about all its prospects, which until now have not been told on the Internet.
In order for all this to be released to the masses, it will take 20,000,000 RDD
I, as the chief representative, would like to offer you to promote in our all-common promotion, in order to speed up the process of releasing information.
Everyone who wants to participate in the promotion of Reddcoin! Write me on my web page

And also I leave an account for which you can transfer the amount of RDD that you could invest in the future of Reddcoin!
Let’s help ourselves! RqXiC8r8tERPMUcipPjUgMHSSchRydB7Ze
With HI. Vladislav!

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Thank you Gnasher!!!


Gnasher Great news, thanks for update!
And, as fullstack web developer, I would like to offer help in my spare time with web related stuff.
Do you need help in that domain and if you need, where can I start contributing?


It’s great to have ownership in your hands Gnasher. Now you can go forward with full confidence you won’t loose domain rights to our precious coin.


Nice that servers are now under control, but when I read the header “Redcoin Latest Development” I had hoped for some news on… the developments :slight_smile:

Only update on that part is like “we are working on some very cool things”. Gnasher : it would so great if you or the Redcoin team in general could elaborate a bit on this. Are there any hopes for something to be released in the near future? Something that will show the world, that Redcoin really is The Social Media Coin - and not just an altcoin claiming to be so.

Good day to all of you, be safe out there.

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I think gnasher was using the term “development” in the general sense of something having happened rather than the more domain specific meaning of code having been written (and released as you might hope) :wink:

Are we testing your patience ? Perhaps …

Are we working as fast as the constraints that are inherent in an unfunded community project allow ? Perhaps …

For a summary of what’s in the pipeline -


I truly believe that Reddcoin is run by a smart stable Dev team. Changing over a full team, trying to workout where the last team left the project and STILL managing to show gratitude and understanding to a frustrated community is very admirable. I have started a Youtube Channel about 5 dats ago and will alway promote RDD in a positive and beneficial light. Here is my latest video that was solely for Reddcoin and Redd-ID. Keep up the amazing work Reddcoin, I’m looking forward to a bright future.


Awesome! thank you for doing this


Gnasher Really exited for Redd-id, when is it coming?

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ReddheadNavi development plan says quarter 3. being fine tuned

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dddthemachine I kneuw

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