Reddcoin Multipool.

First off, i know that such an effort would require a lot of man hours, but since is down, there’s no other place to “mine” RDD directly.

There’s some of us that still got mining equipment, and as measly as “profit” is by doing so, it’s still a fun hobby.

Summarizing, a RDD multipool would benefit price for those concerned (read “price”, not value) and even get those non tech-savvy people interested in this; a web browser based miner so your laptop becomes your own faucet (Doge did that) is actually a neat idea.

I only got myself a couple of Gridseeds for 755kH/s, (e.g. same hashrate than your average teenager could get with his/her gaming rig) but it’s - although fun i must admit - a bit cumbersome to mine ANY scrypt coin, then try to get the best deals at the markets to get moar RDD; faucets are really not worth it in the vast majority of situations.

Thoughts, ideas, feedback? :slight_smile:

I’m currently using with an address from This works great but I have to pay 1% fees on payouts

I’ve mentioned to the SimpleMulti devs that they should add RDD as a payout option. It sounds like it wouldn’t be too hard, but they have a lot on their plate right now dealing with the recent Vertcoin fork. That said, maybe we can get it on their radar for something to tackle next.


It is certainly an interesting question as to whether this project would benefit from a dedicated multipool. When Reddcoin truly takes off and the price rises substantially there will be an enormous number of miners who will be ‘champing at the bit’ (love a pun) to train their hashing power somewhere they can make a pile of Redd. Naturally this will strengthen the price of Redd whilst decreasing the net worth of the coins being farmed to fule the multipool’s purchising subsystem. I would think an official multipool was a win-win situation as the profits from running the pool can feed back to help cover development costs.

Mining may be on the way out, but there is percievibly a small fortune to be made with the right pool, for the right coin at the right time :slight_smile:

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I mine a little at
I believe they have/had an option for mining pools and payout in reddcoins.

Maybe that would help you out?

Didi You could always use eobot. they let you mine rdd there. They have several coins you can choose from to mine. and you can purchase cloud hashing as well from them to increase what you get over time.

It has a user chat box as well and the people there are friendly enough about helping you get started there.

Like finitered pointed out, i think that a dedicated (i.e. official) RDD multipool would not only increase buy pressure, but also a reasonable fee (maybe 2%) could cover server costs and perhaps be a source of income for the Reddcoin team. :slight_smile:

I know about eobot Drakona, but i don’t like their service. It’s completely my own view, i know of people who use it and are happy with it.

Personally, i mine the most profitable coin i can find for my hashrate, but it is time consuming (doing so can net you 10x or more satoshis against using a multipool if you keep up with diff re-targets and coins that no one in their sane mine would mine and happen to have a market). But that being said, i’d completely love an official RDDPool, like in the old POW days! :smiley:

And thanks raid5, btw!