Reddcoin should change its name to Social Currency (SC)

I sincerely feel that Reddcoin (RDD) should change it’s name to Social Currency (SC).

Firstly, the name itself will make the coin standout of altcoins available online and make people read about the coin.

Second, social currency name will explain what the coin is trying to do-" A common currency on social networks". This idea is fresh, unique and will definitely work.

Think of the names associated:

  1. Social Currency Wallet
  2. Social Currency ID
    Instead of Reddcoin wallet and ID.

Reddcoin developers don’t need to hire PR teams and waste time and money. Name change will do the major chunk of PR work.

Advice for PR team: You guys are explaining how Reddcoin can be used for tipping very well in your articles and videos. But you can also add topics like ‘why tipping is useful’ for social media users ( for both content creators and viewers).

For example, tipping can be used as a better “filter mechanism” for videos on YouTube than number of likes and views. This is particularly useful for educational and scientific videos(Same is the case with Facebook videos and articles). Remember, future academic education will be using “video explanation” but not through figures and sentences on paper. And tipping greatly helps educators online. This has a great scope to change the entire worlds educational system and “Reddcoin tipping” (‘Social Currency tipping’ a better word) will be a catalyst.

Finally, I sense this Currency will actually do a much better useful wordly job than the remaining fiat and cryptos not only as a medium of exchange but also as an online world changer.

Social Currency
--------- [link text](link url)for a better online world.

Idea not bad, but we are not here yet.

How much of our vast marketing budget should go into redoing videos, making a new logo, and doing adequate market communication and press junkets to make a re-branding effective rather than dilute ? And who’s going to coordinate with all the exchanges and other sites that use and/or make reference to Reddcoin, RDD, etc.

I have some sense of how much this would cost from when I used to run a small yet global tech business.

How much is our “vast marketing budget” … ZERO !


Vasudeva I disagree with the name Social Currency but do like the idea for a more commercial name. Why Reddcoin? Wht add the word ‘coin’ or ‘currency’. I’d call it ‘Bling’. We all want Bling… good post tho

SC is currently used by Siacoin

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I agree that better name could attract more people especially now when we have *coins all over the place but on the other hand Reddcoin is not new coin and people are used to it. And also, like henry said, it is not easy task to redo and then communicate new brand even for well funded business.
Name of coin is not really that important if service behind it is used and liked by many people.
Take AntShares for example. I really can’t see correlation between name and service they provide and to me it’s totally misleading. But still they grow.

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What are the devs doing? Zippin liquor in Thailand? Like literally this thing could be the future but I don;t see to much happening?

I enjoy the name reddcoin and its taken years to establish. Why on earth would you want to change that now ?


im not agree with that rebranding… Reddcoin is already good name. lsteemit.for example. does it sound like crypto?

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For me i like the name Reddcoin. Red is for victory, passion, love and …socialism :wink: RDD have a great presence on the web and rebranding it’s not a good idea … my opinion.

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