reddcoin tip platform

how can i activate the reddcoin tip platform in chrome… i can’t see the tip bottom and the icon its not activated… can you help me please???

I have the same ‘problem’. Not sure if it’s a real problem though because in Twitter everything works fine.

But my point is: nobody is responding to user-related question on several forums and the Chrome Plugin page. Again: not helping to expand actual user-base. This makes Reddcoin look dead.

I could help with responding to all there questions, because obviously the Reddcoin-team has no time for this? Let me know.

Redd-id isn’t completely finished yet, I don’t think that chrome will be active with reddcoin until its official release. so just be patient and let time lapse. it’ll be available soon. b

so this is not up and running yet

you must work with the tip bot, the platform will be fully functional when Redd Id is ready, it is only being tested RTP

just think if Reddit, Twitter and already made available their user base as a niche of Reddcoin and also there is the extension to be downloaded by Google Chrome is just a sign that this currency is serious do not fall in the FUD, remember that the administration in a massive adoption is not easy and the details must be perfected in the minimum!!

alpharedd hopefully team agrees uptime of key rdd services like tipbot is a priority