Reddcoin v2.0 Release Candidate Discussion

In order to promote openness in topic and discussion for the new wallet, I am opening this thread to all to discuss progress.

Whether you are one of the beta testers, or want to know more, feel free to post.

How to become a tester? I want to test new wallet !


For those reaching out to test the wallet, this is an Alpha version. It is expected that you have a certain technical level to configure and setup. I also would expect some feedback. :slight_smile:

If you want to install on the same computer that you currently running the reddcoin wallet, that you will fully backup your existing Reddcoin wallet and data folder.
Also, I have not tested downgrading. So if you overwrite your existing configuration (especially wallet.dat), there may be no way back.

So, Backup, backup and triple backup


What kind of feedback and testing are you expecting? Anything in particular you’d like people to test? I’d like to help out, but I admit my time is limited (I guess one can tell that by my absence in the forums).

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Hey tecopos
For testing, the wallet should behave exactly as the current.

  • Everyone should test transferring of coins
  • Balances
  • Staking
  • Confirmation times
  • Need to observe the network operation with more nodes

Things I am looking for are:

  • Typos and correct descriptions (UI/Console) (most obvious is replacing Bitcoin with Reddcoin)
  • unusual/unexpected behaviour of the wallet
  • unexpected closing/crash of wallet

Obviously no-one has coins currently and since we are on PoSV your not able to generate them.
To fix this, I did a massive premine for testnet .
If you get your wallet up and running on testnet, I will send some coins to play with


Gnasher Do you have a link to the new wallet?
A node to connect to would be handy as well.

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rdyoung PM’d you the details

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gnasher I am synced up and ready to go
tRDD can be sent to miLBJwbj35AHogPxxciYhynfdQiNuyMwfZ


Gnasher I am so excited to see this post. I hope testing is thorough and successful. I would love to see another solid product released from under the already noteworthy umbrella of Reddcoin.

Well done, and thank you to all testers. Be diligent.


Kraatus The intention is to give due diligence to the testing process

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Kraatus If at all possible please do consider running the new wallet on testnet to support the process. :slight_smile:

reddibrek I have not done any technical work with wallets and I am not a coder of any kind. Just a tech hobbyist really. But if you think that I can be brought up to speed enough to be of help then I am glad to do so.

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Kraatus thanks for your reply.

It’s true that gnasher is looking for people with at least a little knowledge, although he seems to have made an exception for me.

If you PM him he can send you the details and you can see for yourself what is involved. It is not that hard to get it set up. Then you can simply test from a user perspective, if you know what I mean.

If you do decide to give it a go and run into an issue setting up, you can post here and we can help out. I have saved the three lines of instructions henry gave me regarding starting up on testnet from the command line, which is all I need to get going.

One thing though, I have an old laptop which I have used to set up the new wallet on. If you use the same computer as an existing Reddcoin wallet then I think you have to be a little careful regarding existing dat file.

Anyway, no obligation, but there it is!

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I strongly believe the following wallet versions are whats going to take rdd to the moon!

Gnasher is the testing phase still ongoing ? If so, I would like to contribute towards testing. Please send me a link to download the new wallet. The address for testing RDD is RsjJKpeg9mz9FGVSJR7Miw2mXJSDpGS7wC

thecoder70 we are performing the testing using testnet,
The wallet will generate a different address that is compatible
If you are familiar to setup testnet, then I will send you details via PM later today

Can I please get a link to the test wallet?

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bmp02050 gotcha.

I need a few dozen testnet RDD address to send coins to please…

bmp02050 Here are mine… but I won’t be able to check them until later if you need me to. Just let me know here…

mny8LFpnU2Dj4xJJCJiJVFbnxhDyARvPiH (first address)