Reddcoin wallet over 20 GB: Is there a "lighter" version?

My backup of the Reddcoin Appdata folder is 1.99 GB. Now when I try to install Reddcoin it says it will download over 20 GB. Did I download a “lighter” wallet version some years ago? Is this 20 GB now the only option in order to run Reddcoin?

Восстанови кошелёк, переведи с него монеты на другой адрес и создай новый, лёгкий кошелёк, и верни монеты уже на новый кошелёк.

Restaurar cartera, traducirlo con la moneda a otra dirección de correo electrónico y crear una nueva, monedero ligero, y llevar las monedas tienen un bolso de mano.

There are a few people hoping to get the Electrum 2.0 wallet updated as there are coins stuck there. Hopefully people with the skills will get it updated.

Thanks! I’ll wait for that, then.