ReddcoinTalk Tip Button

Hi Folks
I just wanted to put a post out to you all regarding ReddcoinTalk and when there will be an integrated tip button.
I think we all know the importance of this.
And quite a few are curious as to the status

As you know i responded to GrayPhoenix recently with a couple of questions about features for a tip button
There was a method behind this, mainly that I wanted to get things rolling sooner more than later
And I wanted to take some pressure off laudney so that other important tasks get done

After checking the state of play, I took it upon myself to expedite this development.

So without further ado, i would like to present the following screen grabs to you all

Main Posts Page

This is where you will be able to tip not only the original post editor,
but also anyone who makes sub comments


User Settings

By providing your Reddcoin address in the user settings
You will be able to use the tip tools with the forum
If you have an address there, you will be able to use it


So you know, this is not a mock up!
It is a screen grab of my live development machine
The tipping utilises the forum architecture and the browser wallet
I believe if you dont have the browser wallet installed it will launch the QT (untested)

I have already provided an invite and link to laudney to be the first to give it a test run.

Soon there after I will also be inviting a small group of beta testers to give it a run through and provide feed-back

I have a number of features that i am thinking of incorporating and in no particular order

  • Tip received alert
  • Tip count
  • History/Summary page (maybe a who tipped who list exposed only to the logged in user)
  • Reconciliation with blockchain

I am open to further suggestions for features also
Please feel free to send in your comments.

Regards Gnasher

Gnasher This is really cool! I wouldn’t mind doing some beta testing if you need volunteers.

Count me in for beta testing :slight_smile:

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Gnasher Awesome we will regain tipping the button again! :wink:

If you need testing help, you could count.

Feel free to send me the beta! ITs looking awesome! Anyway to have the button generate a message that you tipped someone? That helps make the tips more personal (and public/encouraged)


Firefox user here. If it communicates directly with the QT wallet i can still tip without the browser extension! :smiley: (I know most people use Chrome nowadays and i can still just copy and paste the addy, so it’s good enough for me).

Looks cool…
Any Beta testers needed?
We would love to see this rolled-out…

Very cool. I have sent you an invite to reddhead devs if you decide to make it open source.

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Thanks for the invite

For everyone. I do plan on making this an open source project.
For the moment it will remain closed until I am happy with the state of its operation and it ready for its first release.
Once it is ready it will also be released to nodeBB as a plugin for integration to that platform (I am also working on a generic tip platform for all supported BIP21 coins following the same logics).

For timing
My goal this week is to squeeze a couple of more features and be able to release this into beta (time permitting)
This release and testing will be sandboxed outside of this forum (to protect the integrity of the live forum)
I will take a small subset of willing testers and invite them in by providing the URL

I will collect any feedback provided, and make adjustments where necessary

In this, i will not have too much time for coding next week as I will be travelling to Malaysia for 1 week
But the timing will be good, for anyone testing to provide feedback. so i can kick off again when i return.

I did some preliminary testing with a couple of tests with different browsers and reddcoin-qt
I think i may need to submit a bug-report to laudney (github)
My combinations
Windows 8 - handles opening the URI
Windows 7 - does not
More testing required first


I would love to beta test :slight_smile:

Wow, didn’t see this coming. Very impressive.

Have you talked to laudney yet? He mentioned some other plans for Reddcoin integration as well but I’m not sure how that’s coming along. Maybe he’d like some help.

Yes, i have been in contact with laudney.
And i believe he has already accessed the live site as he has made a few comments on work done so far :slight_smile:

I originally did not have an intention to do any development
But i was in a quandary.
I enjoy this community and was trying to find a way to be more involved. I didnt have a project to take on
And like so many… I assumed that someone was working on something

The recent issue on slow blocks was a turning point, and behind the scene i had a lot of communication with laudney to target the issue, I read a lot of logs and provided results of changes. (this type of thing is my real world job along with project planning)

However, it was YOUR post GrayPhoenix that triggered me, as i was also getting frustrated on the time it was taking for services being delivered.
I know the process and cycles of developing and delivering software to end users. And as an end user it feels like forever
I also knew that we need more hands on deck…
This was a perfect opportunity to get things kicking along.

I have set myself a target of end of week to be able to put it into a beta release for sandbox testing (off site).
With a limited number of users.
I will need constructive testing and feedback (along with patience)

One comment i would like to make is as for so many developers, working this industry is not a primary source of income
Even for our friends in Bitcoin.
As you read different news sites you will see that a lot of funding is being thrown around which is great for the industry
But presently it doesnt exist here.
For me it is a labour of love,
But I hope that in what i can contribute, it is enough so that we can all benefit for the long term

Remember, for a lot of us, we have full time jobs that can consume way more time than we can expect.
So please be patient :slight_smile:


Gnasher Thank you for getting involved in the project and explaining how you did so here.

Good point about the voluntary work. It’s a labour of love as you say! And at the moment it is true that almost all the funding appears to be reserved for Bitcoin. It’s to be expected really, isn’t it, with Bitcoin’s blockchain as the veteran of the bunch.

As there are diverse fiat currencies there will be diverse decentralised digital currencies. It’s just going to take some time for the next wave to become established.

As things move from the wild speculation phase to the professional speculation phase and to adoption phase patience is going to be the virtue for those who wish to succeed now. It’s all there for the taking for the teams and communities who adopt a long term view.

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Thanks, I hope through my efforts to make a difference
One of the biggest issues i see presently (throughout 2014) is this desire for immediate and substantial profit taking based on coin performance speculation, driven on the words of greed. (ie trading on exchanges)
I like to compare it to a Roman Orgy at times, where at times it might seem exciting and pleasurable,
Only to discover you have developed syphilis and there is no cure

Anyway, enough on this.

We are quietly achieving, we are moving forward, we are moving upwards


Hey Gnasher I sent you 100K Reddcoins for your awesome contributions. Please tell me if they were delivered eventually (my browser wallet doesn´t update unfortunately).

I did some further testing today regarding firefox and the QT wallet using Windows 7 and the plugin (so going to assume windows 8 is treating the URI the same)
The problem earlier was resolved after i restarted my QT-wallet
It had been running a good while and i dont normally close it

So in summary
If you are using Firefox or Chrome without the extension (browser wallet)
When you click on a link, it should do 1 of 2 things

    1. If your Wallet is running
    It will switch your QT wallet to the send tab and fill in the details "Pay to:", "Label: " and allow you to enter an amount.
    You can then click send
    2. If your Wallet is closed (not running)
    It will launch your wallet
    It will switch your QT wallet to the send tab and fill in the details "Pay to:", "Label: " and allow you to enter an amount.
    You can then click send.

Gnasher Thx a lot for the tests and explanation. And, although not a final solution, it’s actually pretty damn good enough! No kiddin’

For the lucky beta testers, i have just sent out a private message on how to test the tipping platform


Just reporting that you don’t NEED the browser wallet to tip. Gnasher did an awesome job. If you click on the tip button, your QT is launched with the addy and tip description already filled in. You only have to put the amount.

Tipping spree. Soon.


Just a small update to you regarding the ReddcoinTalk tipbot.
Progress is coming along.
The core features that i wanted initially are in and functional.
Invites were sent out to a small group of beta testers (about 12 ppl) and i have taken their very good feedback and suggestions
(thanks to all who took the time)

Currently, i am cleaning up my code and removing test cases in preparation for implementation.
I still have a few test case scenarios to do as the forum software has had a couple of releases since i started.
I am coding against nodeBB 0.6.0, and 0.6.1 has just been released containing a few bug fixes that effected my work…
But so far all is good.

Additionally, i have started working on

  • tip notification (You will receive a popup telling you received an amount)
  • tip history (a page displaying your history for the configured address)
  • linking ID’s to tip addresses.

If time is allowing, I should see these features in for you also