ReddHeads - Anonymous People?

Hi Reddheads,

I just wanted to ask - what’s with the anonymity of the people supporting ReddCoin? I mean, I see a lot of avatars about ReddCoin support and all that and very few real people with real avatars. This makes me wanna get an anonymous id and just contribute like so.

This coin is about being social, yet - I don’t really know who invented it; how does the developer laudney (no offence, but you’re too important for this tech) look like, or even the people behind this tech.

I like the way you guys communicate, but sometimes I feel like new joiners would feel like this is just some fan based community and a little hard to trust, since it looks like you guys can just disappear when you want to. You can see Facebook, Twitter and you can see verified people that are a little more personal - but when you go to Tumblr, there are some just there to make fun and keep the anonymity. Just hope this forum doesn’t become like Tumblr.

No offence meant, but perhaps someone could help make me understand better.

A lot of people are just starting to do real identity verification via and such. It’s almost time for full disclosure. Some people don’t want detail of their investments revealed either…


As in all social networks, some people will be quite open with their personal information, while others less so and remain guarded.
Don’t take this as a negative, as everyone will have their different reasons for how much information they are willing to share on this fourm.
For me, i am willing to share a little, just to put a face to Gnasher.
But i dont see this as a requirement.

For all of us, even down to using aliases, we are all players in this and it goes back way before internet was born

Dont be dismayed, make some friends here, have good discussions
In time and if trust is built some of those friends may be willing to reveal more about themselves or those friendships may evolve outside of this forum.


Gnasher I agree, I mean - I respect other’s choices and anonymity. Only I figure that when a group “manages” a community, especially PR related stuff - newsletters, etc… it would be a little more human getting it from “Frank Costella” rather than “ReddFC”.

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