Reddwallet not starting - any ideas?

Hey, my Reddwallet doesn´t start anymore. The pulsing Reddcoin will appear but remain there like forever. It appears to be an issue with my computer since it starts on my virtual machine. Any idea what could cause this issue?

I had this problem too. I grabbed my wallet.dat file, uninstalled reddcoin-qt, reinstalled, and it works fine. Not sure why it does that though…

bmp02050 Can I important my wallet.dat from the Reddwallet into the QT Wallet?

artiscience Yeah, I’m pretty sure that would work. But you will lose any coins you have on your QT wallet. You can always export the private keys from one wallet and import them to the other, that way you can have all your coins and addresses in one place without losing anything. I mean, if you have 0 coins in your QT wallet and more than 0 in your reddwallet, a simple drag/drop to overwrite the qt wallet.dat file isn’t an issue. Just be sure to close the reddwallet and qt wallets before doing any moving of files. Then, just start the reddcoin-qt. Should work. Not 100% sure about this though: You may have to delete and rescan the blockchain just in case, but don’t quote me on that. I’d try the overwrite first and see if you need to rescan the blockchain.