Registering a REDDID

I have 2 questions: I have both a core wallet and a new chrome extension light wallet. I am trying to register my REDDid name and it requires RDD. I transferred the necessary RDD from my core to my light wallet and I can see the transaction in the chrome extension wallet. However it says unconfirmed under Social Fund and All Accounts. However when I click on history the transaction link is listed and when I click on it, it says it was confirmed.
First: when I go to register to secure my name it says balance too low and down near the bottom it says balance is 0.000000000
How long does it take to update or will it ever?
Second: is there a way to sync the core wallet and the light wallet in the chrome extension so my RDD will be accessible in my light wallet without a transfer to myself?

I’m seeing exactly the same thing - Chrome wallet showing “All Accounts as Unconfirmed” while the transactions have long been confirmed on the blockchain and I too have been unable to register but due to “ValueError: Not enough for transaction” when clearly there’s enough in the wallet.

Also curiously the ReddId Server appears stuck at block 2481819 (confirmed 3 days ago on Oct 31) so until I see the ReddId Server height move I’d say all bets are off on getting a ReddId Tx to go through.

As for your second question the core and chrome wallets are entirely separate and I believe the chrome wallet is an SPV Electrum-style wallet while core is a full node so I don’t see any way to “sync” between the two.