Results of Redd catch-phrases

Hi there Reddheads!

There have been a week since the voting time for the catchphrases Closed.

The results are here:

  • The Internet’s Tip Jar 11
    Social Currency evolved 12
    Because we live in a green world 1
    Tipping evolved 8
    more than a tipjar 3
    Because we care 4
    You can’t get more social than this 3
    Burning in your pocket 1
    Less mining; more caring. 2
    Because flowers are so yesterday 4
    The safer way to get social. 3
    The fast coin to tip furious. 1
    Making friends one tip at a time. 3
    A green; lean; social machine 4
    What else? 4
    Empowering/Powering Social Spending 3
    Empowering/Powering Social Transactions 6
    Making Social Currency Simple 8
    Make Your Currency Social 5
    Socially refined experience 3
    Social entrepreneurship 4
    Transactions made easy 7
    The coin for you 1
    The connective coin 2
    Tips ahoy 2
    Defining transparency 1
    You are the bank 3
    Real freedom 3
    Experience true freedom 1
    Non-existent Bureaucracy 1
    Feel appreciated 3
    Your payday is everyday 6
    “just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg” 8
    Your favorite artists inspire you. Give them some color of your own 6
    The future of digital payment is here. Are you Reddy? 5
    Enjoy the benefits of sharing 7
    Looking forward 1
    Simple tips 4
    Bright future ahead 1
    Tipping is fun 5
    Tipping away 2
    Revolutionary Electroninc Digital Dollar Creating Online Interaction Nationwide 3
    Social Innovation 6
    The social rainbow is here 1

The seven most voted were by order:

! - Social Currency evolved
! - The Internet’s Tip Jar
! - Tipping evolved
! - Making Social Currency Simple
! - “just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg”
! - Transactions made easy
! - Enjoy the benefits of sharing

Next Weekend will be the image proposition voting until then please, leave your creations here ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oliver said:

Social Currency evolved

You will pick “Social Currency evolved”

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t our catch phrase already “The Social Currency”? “Social currency evolved” or something similar presupposes people know what a social currency is or that it is even something in the first place.

Ryan When you make a social media campaign in to put in place You have simple catchphrases in order to engage more with your audience.

The Slogan of Reddcoin is The social currney!

Though in order to engage with more users one could have a tyni core of other prsases to describe the same original idea. Remember this action is linked with this orignal post -> linking social media with images that best fit to our audience!

Oliver Thanks for organizing this vote! I’m currently very busy. Won’t have time to create wallpapers based on these slogans :frowning:

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Oliver Ahh that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying

“Social Currency evolved”

Hit me with a bat but the slogan for AMD is “Gaming Evolved”. When i read the catch-phrase, ATI/AMD instantly popped up in my mind… and the worse part is that i’m not even a gamer. I think that we should think about it.

I like the “The Internet’s Tip Jar” or could be “The Social Currency”. Something that states what is or what accomplishes or what its cause is.

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