Roadmap 2016-2017

Reddcoin Roadmap

I am proud to announce that the Reddcoin Roadmap for 2016-2017 has now been released.

You can read the official version here at

There is also a downloadable version (PDF) linked at the bottom of the same post

I look forward to your feedback and to an exciting time ahead.



link doesn’t work :frowning:

here is the correct link (with / at end):

link is fixed

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Wonderful work Gnasher ! I really like the design of the Roadmap picture, nice to see we still have lots of creativity in the graphics department :wink:

I also really like how you in this roadmap have continued the vision of the old road map, the reason why I got into Reddcoin back in '14 is still well kept!

Looking forward to seeing ReddID unfold already in '16 and I am really surprised by the tempo of new features coming the next year!

I have been in the sentimental corner after reading this new roadmap: looked back at the old posts on reddit with +200 comments and the community brewing with ideas for applications. With ReddID coming up all these ideas of applications can actually begin in vivo! Hopefully, we can get some of the old people back and many newcomers when we actually start to show some real world use of Reddcoin different from other coins(decentralized personalized microtransactions) and in my opinion with even better fundamentals (PoSV and bitcoin core 0.9)


Redd said in Roadmap 2016-2017:

With ReddID coming up all these ideas of applications can actually begin in vivo!

Yes they can!

Thanks Redd
The vision is still very strong.
What we are aiming for has not been achieved by any other crypto.

The roadmap was a combined effort with input from everyone involved.
A lot of thought and consideration has been placed into the design and concepts


Gnasher Impressive and inspiring! And easy for the layman (me) to understand :slight_smile:


marvelousform as we were going through the motions of writing up the roadmap, it always came back to putting it into a format that would be easy to follow and communicate.

DeadPool is to be thanked for the Reddcoin shooting star! lol!

EDIT: Actually, he worked on successive versions of the roadmap infographic and the last version is largely his. Kudos for the SpaceX vision! :smiley:

well that was a team effort, all the info was already there, I just choose the background image :oP

Gnasher awesome!

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Hell ya , Reddcoin is that SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket or soon will be.