Roadmap 2017-2018


Crossposting from Reddit for DeadPool :

Hello all,

waiting for the dust to settle after these many P&D operations, and taking in consideration the spotlight under which the team is now, Reddcoin Core Team is publishing this (very) high level Roadmap for 2017-2018.

This roadmap reflect what the core team and its helpers are working on right now and that we expect to deliver in this time frame. As many of you noticed, these date indications are subject to change, dependant of team member availability.

This is however a more focused roadmap that the Team should be able to complete until the end of the year.

To resume this roadmap, you can expect :

  • Redd-ID and social tipping to be available this year, with beta testing beginning soon
  • Mobile Wallet allowing the simplest functionnality at launch and more complex ones until the end of year.
  • Upgrade of Core 2.1 as henry already detailed here!

The team is also working on a more dev/tech oriented roadmap that will be publish very soon.

Stay tuned !


henry the road map shows redid will be released in Q3, can you please clarify if this Q3 release will be beta testing, or should we expect beta testing before the Q3 release. I’m only asking this question out of curiosity.


My understanding is that both beta testing and release will occur during Q3.


When will the development of social networking widgets?


redd-id when released?