Secret faucet

Not sure if this belongs in this area of the forums but hell why not.

There is a place I go to that has a secret faucet, you basically change one of the words in the address bar from account to faucet and it gives out a random amount of free coins once a day.

for that know of it is a free way to get a few extra coins each day. would sort of be an interesting idea for here since would need to be a member to really ever know it existed plus you have to be logged in for it to work. so randoms could not just do it and bleed the faucet dry quickly.

basically how it would work is that you would log in and then instead of where it shows. the person would replace everything after / with faucet and then be tipped maybe 10 rdd to their rdd address associated with the site.

I leave this here for the devs and admins to think about if was worth doing for here or not.

The Tip button is the secret faucet :wink:

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