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So PotCoin seems to have been supercharged over the past two weeks. Up about 25x.
The only thing I can see that they are doing is selling PotCoin on their website at an inflated price.
I assume the inflated price accounts for the risk of fraud and lack of KYC (two major issues with selling website direct).
Why not sell Reddcoin direct from the website to raise development funds. It also drives demand and simplifies adoption?

They use paper wallets. Ship via mail to recipient.


Certainly making it easy to on-board new users is important.
We can’t expect that every new user will need to go through an exchange to obtain their first coins.
Although not specifically mentioned in the Roadmap, making it easy has been a part of the back-room discussions how to make this a seamless experience.
I have had some discussions with a fiat to crypto service about how to incorporate their solution directly in the main wallets.
I can see merit in providing some sort of paperwallet service also…

I could maybe do a service to sell reddcoin directly? but this would maybe to reflect to the exchanges ? it would need to show the price people are willing to pay on the exhanges thougth ?
i do plain on investing 2000$ in rdd and maybe i can sell my staked coins?

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Reddcoinnoob there are plenty of opportunities in crypto.

Direct selling is certainly an option.