SO What other coins you guys into?

Only other coin im really liking right now is GetGems. Its got a great app on both iOS and Android. The team behind it is public and has VC investors (400K from the ceo IIRC of waze). Its main selling point to me is the Attention Economy aspect of it. Basically the GetGems app is a messenger based off of telegram with a BTC/GEMs wallet incorporated. Once the attention economy comes out users will be paid for viewing ads via gems. and advertisers will be able to buy ad space, but only with gems. This past week it got 1.5K downloads on iOS which is impressive for an app still in beta.

If you guys wanna download the app my ref link is

If not just check out and you can download it from there.
As of now there is only ios/android wallets the desktop wallet is in development.

Also some extra news they are in the top 11 out of 11,000 applications! They are guarenteed to win at least 250K see the details here