Social X/Reddcoin tipping platform

John and developers:

When will the Reddcoin developers have the Social X tipping platform completed? Are we looking at a time frame here or some road map on this roll out? I am trying to catch up with as much reading as possible.

Hi altcoinbonanza
We will be releasing a Roadmap on the last day of September detailing our direction and timing

Keep an eye out for its release


Thanks John.

It’s nice to have this kind of feedback from a developer that sticks with his work. I have had a few experiences where I couldn’t even get a response, ever. I really believe that all the hard work you are investing into this platform will eventually pay off in many ways for you. You will realize a tremendous sense of accomplishment as this platform gets ready to compete alongside other platforms for the social tipping markets. This is a huge market and growing. Just the Facebook market is over a $400 billion dollar industry so there is plenty of opportunity for Reddcoin to participate and make a big and lasting impact. I am starting to promote Reddcoin on all my social outlets and will do as much as I can to help with supporting via donations to dev team. If there is anything that I can help with please send me a message.

Keep up the great work.

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