[Solved] My transaction is not being processed


I’m sending my RDD to a new adress but my transactions seems stuck:

Status: 0/onbevestigd
Datum: 29-01-2021 17:13
Aan: RoZbMCpFMPrwcsrbVLMQ5GXSJpz93ejUPE
Debet: -41 356.00000000 RDD
Transactiekosten: -0.00099999 RDD
Netto bedrag: -41 356.00099999 RDD
Transactie-ID: 26fb4f07664678da6a43422612b9be6ca57010f2b3b4596e0dbe5e0c5bb82430-000

I am on a mac machines.

Please help.


I was on a Reddcoin Core 3.10.0
Made a backup of my wallet
Now updated to 3.10.3

Still stuck. I found that my transaction fee seems to low which could be the problem.
I have been seeing remarks on cancelling the transaction so the funds return to the wallet but I don’t seem to figure out how to do that?

Transactions started… don’t know why

Good to hear.

The issue can be caused because of the transaction fee. Make sure to send with 0.001 RDD transaction fee when sending, that will make sure the transaction will be confirmed quickly.

Your transaction fee was lower, so that’s why it took longer to get confirmed.