[Solved] Old and New wallet not sync

Good day,

I have a question;

7 weeks ago it was possible to sync my wallet. Last week I wanted to run the wallet, but the blocks didn’t run anymore and stayed at the same numbers. I work with iOS. Can you help me ?

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I assume you meant macOS (instead of iOS)?

yes sorry off course macOS. Is it necessary to remove your old wallet?

  • Open Reddcoin Core and make a backup of your wallet. You can do this via File (menu) → Backup wallet.
    Do not skip this step

  • Update to v3.10.3. You can overwrite/remove the existing versions.

Your wallet file has everything you need, not the Reddcoin-QT application.

Thank you sir, everything is working again ! Much appreciated :+1:

Glad to read that it all worked out! :).