[Solved] Old wallet backup not working to new wallet

My dad showed me his old reddcoin wallet with 300€ euros worth of reddcoin. He said i could have it so i transferred it to my own wallet. The transaction and adress were right so it got sent. However, later i found out that his wallet was out of sync (like 4 years and 50 weeks had to be processed).
Back home i made a new wallet with the backup file from his wallet.dat.
Opening the wallet after it processed (7 years!!!) i see nothing. No transaction history or anything.
What do i do?

  • Open the wallet of your dad, the one you sent the transaction from.
  • Go to your transactions, double click on the transaction. You should now see the transaction details.
  • You should see a Transaction ID.
  • Copy the transaction ID, remove the -000 at the end.
  • Enter the transaction ID on https://live.reddcoin.com/.

Do you see the transaction there?


I cannot find the transaction. In the old wallet, no servers can be found so i think the transaction never made it to the server

Okay. That means the RDD should still be in the wallet (of your dad).


Before giving instructions, I need to know some stuff:

  • I assume the wallet of your dad is on another computer than your own wallet. So, there are 2 computers, is this correct?

  • Which operating system (Linux, macOS, Windows) are you using for your own wallet?

  • Which version of Reddcoin Core are you running?

Thanks for anwering so quick!

Correct. His old wallet was on an old laptop. I am now setting everything up on my own desktop. Both operating systems are Windows and i am running 3.10.3 version on my pc.

Okay, good.

  1. On your dad’s computer, open Reddcoin Core, and make a backup of your wallet. Via Reddcoin Core → File (menu) → Backup wallet.

  2. You need to transfer the backup file to your own computer. So, save the file on a USB drive or mail it to yourself.

  3. Now, go to your own computer. Make sure Reddcoin Core is not running, if it, exit/close it.

  4. On your own computer, press the following keys: Windows key + R.
    This opens the ‘Run’ window.
    In that Window, enter:

  5. A new window opens, with folders. Search and open the Reddcoin folder.

  6. There should be a file named wallet.dat there. Rename the file, to something like old_wallet.dat.

  7. Now, copy the backup file you made earlier to this folder. Make sure to name the file wallet.dat.

  8. Open Reddcoin Core.

Is your balance as expected? If so, enjoy!

  • Do not run Reddcoin Core on your father’s computer anymore. You will use the same wallet file (so same addresses etc), which should only be run on 1 computer simultaneously.

If this didn’t work out, let me know.

Hey! Thanks for your reply!

I actually did all of this already. Thats why i was confused that nothing of the existing transactions showed up.

The only thing i did different is that i deleted the existing wallet.dat file after i copied the back wallet file in the folder.

Should i delete and reinstall reddcoin wallet and keep the file and rename it?

Kind regards

  • Open Reddcoin Core on your own computer.

  • Go to Help (menu) → Debug window → Console.
    In Console, enter: getchaintips

    A lot of text will appear. Scroll to the top.
    The first block of text should have ‘Status’; what is the value behind it?
    A screenshot would be nice.

Hey! This is the screenshot of the console window.

  • Using Reddcoin Core v3.10.3.
  • On the correct chain.
  • Blocckchain is fully synced.

If your wallet.dat file has been placed in the correct folder with correct name, and has addresses with RDDs on them, they should appear.

So, next to check:

  • Confirm wallet is in correct folder with correct name.
  • Confirm wallet addresses (check on blockchain to see the amounts on it).


Can you please make a screenshot of the %AppData%/Reddcoin folder where you placed the wallet.dat backup file in earlier?

Brother, thank you for this amazing help! I rechecked the folder and i did not rename the the files to the corect names. When you told me that i renamed them and it is all working.

I hope now that the last transaction is confirmed as i realised that i misinformed you.

The last transaction was not from my dad’s wallet to my reddcoinwallet but to a random crypto wallet.

I can show you a screenshot from the last transaction if that helps?

Sure, screenshots help a lot…

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Yo bro! Im not sure how but everything worked out.
Believe it or not, it all registered right when reddcoin pumped so when i got it on my wallet the amount was significantly higher.

Thanks for your help. Could you send me your paypal? Gotta give some back to those who help

Glad to hear that it all worked out! :).

I’ll send you a PM. Thanks a lot!

I have received your generous tip. Thanks again!