[Solved] Wallet won't open REDD

Help please, I have a problem! REDDcoin wallet won’t open on laptop! After rebooting the laptop, the wallet did not open. the installation and download go through, but the wallet does not open! He writes that there is an unrecoverable error in the wallet and it will not be able to work and wakes up closed! Everything worked well up to this point !!!
How can I access my coins? What should I do?
Help me please.
Thank you in advance.

Do you have a backup of your wallet?

I have no backup. Need to do?
I do not know how. And can it be done if the wallet does not open? Tell me what should I do?

When it comes to cryptocurrency, you should always make a backup. For instances like this… It might be late now, but we’ll try to fix the issue.

What OS are you running? Linux, macOS, Windows?

On my laptop Windows 10

Well, are there any options for restarting the wallet?

  • Make sure Reddcoin Core is not running. If it is, exit/close it.

  • Hold down the Windows Key and press on ‘R’. A window named ‘Run’ should appear.

  • Enter the following:

  • A new window will open. Find the Reddcoin folder and open it.

  • There is file named wallet.dat. Make a copy of the file, would advise to also save it somewhere else, like your mailbox.

Let me know when you followed these steps.

I pressed the keys, found the Reddcoin folder. I press open, the files are opened. The wallet won’t start at all.
You have to try something else.

I saved the file wallet.dat to my mail.
File does not open. It’s kind of empty. What should be there? I’m worried that my RDD coins will go to waste if I delete REDD COIN CORE.
What should I do next ?

I hope you followed all the steps and made a copy of the wallet.dat file. This file is your wallet, so you need to make sure you have a copy of it. In case anything goes wrong, you can always use that file to restore the wallet.

Ah, this is good news.

  • Exit Reddcoin Core.

  • Go to the Reddcoin folder again.

  • Rename these 2 folders:

    • blocksold_blocks
    • chainstateold_chainstate
  • Start Reddcoin Core again. It should start without any issues.

  • Wait until it fully syncs. Your balance will be 0, but when the wallet is fully synced, your balance will be as expected. Fully syncing will be finished within a day (12 hours or so).

It’s time to sleep today. tomorrow after work I will come and do as you said.
Tell me - This file should be opened when I want to open it? It won’t open for me. Maybe I don’t have an application on my laptop to open it?
I’ll write to you how I can do everything!

Sorry for my bad English. I hope you understand me.

Which file are you talking about?
Please read my instructions again… I never said to open a file, only to make a copy. And to rename 2 folders and then run Reddcoin Core as always…

Did as you said. Synchronization of the wallet has started.
Everything should be fine. We’ll see in the morning. I’ll write you

When everything works again, you need to make a backup regularly.
Takes less than 1 minute to backup.
Backup every week.
Put/save the backup files on a different place, like a USB drive or mailbox. Somewhere safe.


You can backup using Reddcoin Core.
File (menu) -> Backup wallet.


With a backup, you can always restore your RDDs in case something happens.

By the way, you need to update to the latest version.
You are running v3.0.1, which is an old version.

Please update/install version v3.10.3, you can download the files from: https://download.reddcoin.com/bin/reddcoin-core-3.10.3/.


  • Make a backup first.
  • Close/exit Reddcoin Core.
  • Download and install Reddcoin Core v3.10.3.
  • Run Reddcoin Core after installation.

Good. When the wallet is loaded and working again, tomorrow night I will do as you write. I will pat the new version of the REDD wallet.
I will write how I will do everything

And? Do you have an update on your situation?

Hey. The fact is that I am now on a business trip. There is no internet during the day. when i’m at work.
I turn on the wallet for sound - synchronization in the evening. The wallet only syncs at night.
So I think the sync will end tomorrow morning.
I will write to you when the result wakes up!