Some thoughts on marketing


I got in on Reddcoin when I got in on Cryptocurrencies in general, about 3 months ago. I invested in several things but Reddcoin was one of few projects that got me saying WOW what a great idea.

To tell you the truth, ALL I’m thinking now is: what a great idea. Because the rest, pardon my French, sucks. Marketing and communications being the most important aspect.

  • No frequent blogposts
  • No roadmap
  • Not a single mention on the delay of Redd-ID
  • No newsletter
  • No contact on website
  • No idea who is behind Reddcoin and what the team looks like
  • No feedback whatsoever on user questions (Facebook/Twitter etc.)

There is also no properly functioning wallet it seems.

So there seems to be NO REASON AT ALL, besides hype and the initial idea, to back Reddcoin, right?

Why o why is this? Is the Reddcoin team not aware that even the greatest ideas need ever better marketing? Look at Dentacoin. That coin has a lot less brighter future IMO but their marketing and PR is awesome.

Ok, now let’s talk about solutions. I’m the owner of a small Online Marketing Agency in The Netherlands. So we have expertise in Social Media, E-mailmarketing, Advertising, SEO etc. How can we help? How we can we contact the Reddcoin team?


reddcoin will take advantage of the surprise effect to get very high, it is true that there is a lot to do and that has not been fulfilled as promised in the past also that there is a lot of silence from the developers but reddcoin has success assured only a little bit of patience, the surprise effect will be stronger when it comes to pushing the coin to mass adoption. reddcoin is the only currency in cryptography that can be sent between contacts of social networks by downloading a browser extension, need a good advertising campaign about it, because the mass ignores it. the future of reddcoin is in its users. REDDCOIN is closer to mass adoption than any other currency… your help in advertising is very useful, you can start promoting where reddcoin is accepted, the exchanges where it is traded and how to download applications for use in social networks


Thanks for replying.

It’s good to aspire a suprise effect, but we can all see people walking away from Reddcoin because of the lack of updates. We, including myself, have no idea if Reddcoin / Redd-ID will ever be reality and that’s a big issue.

As with many businesses there are two types of target audiences here:

  • Current users (retention)
  • New users (promotion)

At this moment, Reddcoin satisfies neither of these. Especially for a coin like Reddcoin it’s easily argued that retention should be at the core of marketing. After all; if we all REALLY are standing behind RDD and USE it, others will follow, slowly but steady. That won’t nearly be enough, but it MUST be the starting point.

EDIT: I’ve now been informed that Reddit is a good channel to keep up-to-date in Reddcoin. Ok, that’s something. But still not really satisfying because a) most questions remain unanswered and b) important answers should not be that hard to find. So I’m concluding there is some information out there, but not nearly enough and way too scattered. Off, course, this can be fixed.

About the browser extension, let’s be honest, that thing is a joke at this moment. There is no clear manual how to use it, the process itsself is devious, it’s not even clear from the homepage that is exists (should be in the main navigation!). I THINK Redd-ID should improve this process significantly but again, from the communications I saw I’m really not sure what Redd-ID is exactly and if it will be launched EVER.

But again, I’m not only b*tching, I also offer a solution. Let us help with at least point the Reddcoin team in the right direction. The start is easy:

  • Build a roadmap(!!!)
  • Supply the public with updates at least twice per month (on the website!)
  • Send newsletters, at least once per month
  • Improve website usability
  • Answer customer questions (live chat, social)
  • Maintain social channels properly

We can help with all these things!

The sooner Redd-ID is here, the better, obviously. But even if it will take a while, update the public! It’s only a matter of time before more people move away or worse: before a big competitor steps up.

How can we help? How can we contact the team?


remkovdz Have to agree. Just read in another chat here that they are working on crypto payments within MineCraft. That sounds pretty neat. At the end of the day, this is the slogan that sold me to get some skin in on this game:

Website said:

“Reddcoin is the social currency that enriches people’s social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public. Reddcoin achieves this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money fun and rewarding for everyone.”

Do we have any examples of this?