Some tips on keeping RDD Core wallet

I posted it at reddit but I think it can be useful for somebody and I repeat it here. Sometimes when your system crashes or faces emergency reboot, your wallet crashes too and starts to restore the database, which can be annoying and time consuming. I use Veracrypt software to mitigate this issue.

  1. Download and install Veracrypt program. It is free.
  2. Create there an entity called “Volume”. It can be compared with an encrypted digital “USB stick”.
  3. Choose the size sufficient to contain the Reddcoin database.
  4. Mount your volume on one of partitions offered by Veracrypt: H: , I:, … After you have done so, the system sees this partition as a separate drive you can treat as an ordinary drive, e.g. installing software there, storing files etc.
  5. Install your Reddcoin Core into this drive, synchronize database, put your wallet (if any) instead of the default one. Now you can copy your “volume” and safe it in a separate, safe place. Periodically resave it to keep it updated. So if your database crashes, just replace the volume you currently use with its copy. Now you don’t need to re-synchronize your wallet and you can just start it as if no crash has occured.
  6. Always mount your volume on the drive where you have initially installed the Reddcoin Core, e.g. if you installed your Reddcoin Core in H: drive, always mount your volume there.

It has one disadvantage: you have to mount it and to enter the password every time you reboot your system. But it takes only several minutes, yet brings an important advantage too: if your laptop is lost or stolen, you are not under the threat that somebody will have access to your wallet, or will see how many coins you have.