Staking calculator anyone?


I’ve recently managed to get a staking wallet running on my raspbian pi.
It’s running raspbian stretch + reddcoin v2.

I have approximaticly 9k coins and am wondering what the minimum for staking would be. I’ve left the wallet running for a few days but the Stake remains on 0.00000000
The google search staking calculator seems very off to me.

Anyone could shed some light on this for me? muchos gracias :slight_smile:

Mine always says stake 0.00, but it’s always staking… As long as your wallet is online and unlocked, it should be staking. Just check at the bottom - if the arrow is green and you can see your coin weight, you’re online and staking - ready to go :slight_smile:

As for a staking calculator, I found that Github has one that works decently well at calculating stake time and rough amount to earn :slight_smile:

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