Staking for 2 months and nothing

Hey guys,

I’m a noob at staking. I bought Reddcoin but put a small amount 998 for staking in the wallet I know its a small amount). I just wanted to test and learn before putting all my coins in for staking. I have had my laptop practically on for 2 months. Still no reward. I never got expected reward under 250 days.

Is the amount too small to get anything? What am I doing wrong? Below are the stats.

Your average weight is 23097
Your total weight is 23097
Network weight is 12792986156
Expected to return reward once every 384 days.

Please help.

zainzain11 The more coins you have - the faster it stakes.

zainzain11 998 coins is nothing - you need lots of coins to earn via staking.