Staking for 39 days and no rewards

I received 23 coins Jan. 28th, but since then there’s nothing. Expected to earn reward every 32 days. Then it gets close to 1 or 2 days and resets back to 32 days with no rewards. Can anyone help?

carman52 You need a decent amount of coins to receive more often. Wallet size on the network matters. I only have 80,000 on one machine and 74,000 on another, but they say “10 days” but take 23 sometimes.

lvtion It says a different thing everytime. Doesn’t matter the amount you receive is roughly 5% per year or .1% p.w.

I have set up my wallet and have been staking for 45 days and not a single coin. my wallet has 100k coins. How do you actually know if your are staking correctly

Contractor70 as long as you see this:

Staking icon

You’re staking. If it’s grey, or any other color besides green, you’re not. But odds are, you probably see this.

lvtion thanks for confirming guess staking time is a little random then.


the first Staking Coins I got after about 4 and 7 days.
Now I’ve been waiting also for 39 days and nothing happens.

my wallet is 24/7 online and i have 77k rdd.
The counter shows each 7 days.

is there a good way to find out if everything’s okay?


"enabled" : true,
"staking" : true,
"currentblocksize" : 1000,
"currentblocktx" : 0,
"pooledtx" : 1,
"difficulty" : 179.20082033,
"search-interval" : 1,
"averageweight" : 352371,
"totalweight" : 1057114,
"netstakeweight" : 12827694378,
"expectedtime" : 728078

december It’s an unreliable but somehow true method at best. Staking is like mining. You could be told you will receive a block after the next 5 blocks, but it may be after the next 500 blocks.

lvtion my staking arrow is green, how do i change this!!!

Contractor70 If it’s green, you’re staking. If it’s not green, you’re not.

Do you not want to stake?

yes of course, sorry my issue is did i need to copy bootstrap.dat.xz or bootstrap.dat as a test i removed file from appdata and still get green staking arrow!