Staking issues lately

Hello! Has anyone else been having staking issues getting rewards? Every one of my staking transactions have come back as conflicted (not generated). It used to work so well last week! I just downloaded the new core wallet, the bootstrap file, and everything. Should I be adding more nodes? My computer says I’m currently connected to 8. Thanks!

  • Which version of Reddcoin Core are you running? Check via Help (menu) -> Debug window ==> Client version.

  • What is your operating system? macOS, Linux, Windows?

  • Open Console via: Help (menu) -> Debug window -> Console (tab).
    In Console, enter:
    Wait a little bit, a lot of text will appear. Scroll to the top.
    The first block of text will have ‘Status’. What is the value of ‘Status’?

There are few possibilites why the issues could have been caused… Status = Active should mean your blockchain files are OK.

So, let’s fix your wallet transactions and see if that solves your issues.

I am assuming Reddcoin Core is installed in 'Applications` folder.

  1. Make a backup of your wallet. Do not skip this step!
    Reddcoin Core -> File (menu) -> Backup wallet.

  2. Quit Reddcoin Core, make sure it’s not running anymore.

  3. Open the ‘Terminal’ app. You can search for it using Spotlight.
    Or find it in Finder via: Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
    In Terminal, enter this:
    /Applications/ --zapwallettxes=1
    Reddcoin Core will start and the wallet will be loaded. It can take a while.
    After it’s fully loaded, open the Transactions tab.

  4. All the transactions with issues (generated but not accepted, unconfirmed etc etc) should have been removed. Only confirmed transactions (green check mark in front) should be displayed.
    Is this the case?

Yes I did that and I did a rescan as well. It seems to help every time I get the conflicted transactions out.

Reddcoin Core -> Help (menu) -> Debug window.

In Debug window, you should see a button on the left bottom to open the Debug log.
Click on it, and open the Debug log.

Can you copy paste the last 20 or so lines here? Remove any personal info if needed.