Staking rewards - no rewards in 3 weeks!

Hi everyone,

I bought some RDD around a month ago now. Started staking and got one reward a couple of days into staking. My wallet is staking for a few hours a day at least.

Since then, I haven’t received a single reward in 3 weeks. Is this normal?

My numbers look OK:

Average Weight: 4479753
Total Weight: 4479753
Network Weight: 7850214897

“Expect to earn reward once every 1 day”

Thanks for the help!

Staking is a lot like a lottery, you have a chance to win, but are not guaranteed to win daily. I have a similar stake but I don’t rely on being rewarded.

Thanks for your reply lvtion. Just wanted to make sure it’s normal!

mr_robot_21 It’s normal. I didn’t get ANY reward for the first month but now got it twice. Not alot but some.
so just keep staking. The bigger the network,harder it is to get one

Even if you didn’t manage to stake for say 6 months, you’d be rewarded the same amount as you would be rewarded if you managed to stake 100 times in that time :slight_smile: You’d just receive one large sum rather than 100 little ones.


staking is also my main concern with my reddcoin wallet.
I bought some reddcoins a year ago. but I didn’t stake them. yesterday I transferred them to my new wallet and staked them, but my total weight is so low. I was wondering if transferring them to my new wallet and the transaction in the network is the main cause of such low wight or not?

The total weight goes up over time - it’s low now, but give it time and it will increase :slight_smile:


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CaffeinatedSloth said in Staking rewards - no rewards in 3 weeks!:

it time and it will

thank you
my question is:
I was wondering if transferring them to my new wallet and the transaction in the network is the main cause of such low wight or not?

Peeps… Reddcoin kept in your wallet will gain more weight over time yes… but this will only be generated into new coins when you’ve completed staking that weight…

KEEP YOUR COMPUTER ON AND WALLET STAKING UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A REWARD… If it says you’ll expect a reward in 3 days, check again in a few hours you will see this go down to 2 days, BEFORE YOU KNOW IT YOU’LL BE PAID.

By the looks of things, your due for a big payout so make sure your internet connection is strong when staking you don’t want to lose it.

Tips if this helped :slight_smile:

I’m new to this staking as well, what do you mean by “completed staking that weight”.
I’m staking for more then 3 weeks now as well and still nothing. I think it was down to 4 days now.

I have my walled open 24/7 does it mean I’m working on a big block that is about to finish?

I received only 80 RDD for 500 k rdd
i though I will receive more.
do you think this is normal. ??? my wight is now 15 , when will I receive another stake?? one months later?

I have been staking for a few weeks now with reddcoin…I havent received anything in return. It says it is staking and I will receive tokens but nothing.

Hi All,

I have been staking since Dec 2017 and I have received even a single reward. when i check the status i am expected to receive reward every 10 days… even though i have opened wallet for staking my stats are as follows

Average weight 309093
Total weight 618187
Nw Weight 8943229515
Expected to earn reward every 10 days

Can someone tell what am I missing