State of the Redd-Nation :: June 06, 2016

Интересно, так ли выгодны венчурные фонды, если они продвигают новинки на рынок под своей эгидой?

Alex007 Yes, almost all cloud mining is a scam. Better to buy coins instead for sure.

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Gnasher A Read_me.txt file may attach to the same .zip folder with reddcoin-v2.0_setup_file.(and the following link)
bootstrap.dat.xz file is speed up to sync reddcoin blockchain.
It may be explain in the Read_me.txt file for new users.

I would go for the poster over the mascot.

If we have to think of reddcoin (and redd-ID) as a fintech, I would prefer showing it as clean, empowering and professional instead of “childish” or “non serious”.
Beside, for me, mascot are for sports, not companies, and exists for entertaining, not for earning new “customers”.

However, regarding infographies, people tend to be more picture and numbers oriented than concept oriented. That’s why I believe creating a roadmap (that would be some kind of infography), would help a lot.

It will insure people about where we are getting at, and set our graphic values as proposed by Big_Map_Idea .


Probably better to have it formatted as a quickstart guide and try and cover the main points to get users up and running as quick as possible.

as an example of a clean format
Could be done as a PDF with clickable links
Quickstart Guide

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Hmm, I’m of the opinion that the Infographic is dead, at least the PDF download form. We need a web presentation.

It could be simple, like a HTML 5 carousel, with a few slides, that each explain a step with associated graphics.

If anyone wants to draw out a wireframe of the steps, I will create some concept art.

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Big_Map_Idea I can’t argue with PDF being dead :slight_smile:
I hate reading them.

Online is definitely better, and a carousel should be workable.
Let me try and get some stuff going over the weekend and get it back to you.


Gnasher Sounds good, thanks :slight_smile: