State of the Redd-Nation :: June 06, 2016

Reddcoin Weekly Development Update

Welcome again Reddheads to another weekly update of Reddcoin Development.

It probably doesn’t feel like it to you, but there is actually heaps of things going on behind the scenes with development and associated tasks.

I know myself when waiting for releases of software it can seem like it is taking an eternity to see some sort of progress from a development team (big or small), especially when you don’t have the inside scoop as to what’s going on (well a few of you have the inside scoop).

Anyway, the following list summarises what’s been going on this last week:

  • Started reaching out to contact various exchanges and 3rd party services to advise a new wallet is coming soon.
  • Testing of block chain synchronisation on different platforms.
  • Testing upgrading v2 on top of v1 blockchain.
  • Creating updated official bootstrap.dat and testing.
  • Various code fixes based on feedback.
  • Continue writing up of release notes and other documentation updates.
  • Continue investigating the performance and behaviour of PoSV.

New v2.0 Wallet and testing progress

Coding continues for the new wallet and it is now reached version v2.0.0rc1g. with lots of small improvements.

In preparation of a public release of the new wallet, I have started contacting and engaging with the various major exchanges and 3rd party services to advise them that we will have an updated wallet in the near future. I feel early communication is important so that they are not caught under prepared. The response back so far has been very good.

One of the sad moments while gettign this information, was reflecting on how many 3rd party establishments have not survived in the last 2 years. There have been so many promising services that have not been able to establish themselves, or have succumbed to theft or corruption.

The switchover behaviour on testnet using the new v4 blocks continues to perform solidly, there have been no switchbacks to v3 since the change-over.

One of the other activities needed completing was generated a new updated bootstrap.dat file to coincide with the new release. This will bring the current bootstrap sync point up to:

Block 1225000 (06/06/2016 @ 11:00am (UTC))

Also I did some comparison testing on the Reddcoin network using both the version 1.4.1 wallet and version 2.0.0 wallet and validate it with both the blockchain and bootstrap sync process.
This includes:

* v1.4.1 starting wallet with no blockchain - Full sync'd and completed successfully
* v2.0.0 starting wallet with no blockchain - Full sync'd and completed successfully
* v2.0.0 starting wallet with v1.4.1 blockchain  - Full sync'd and completed successfully
* v2.0.0 starting wallet with bootstrap.dat - Full sync'd completed successfully

One of the advantages with this new release is the improved performance of synchronising directly with the network. Didi has previously performed a bunch of testing using many different platforms and environments. While waiting for results I performed the following performance comparison testing of the bootstrap vs normal initialisation sync methods using

  1. A high end i-7 16GB RAM SSD,
  2. A venerable P4 2GB RAM SDD (spinning disk drive).

v2.0.0 wallet initialisation

I7 pc was able to download the blockchain via the network and sync in 12 hrs (1.225MM blocks)
I7 pc was able to sync the bootstrap.dat in 8hrs
P4 pc was able to download the blockchain via the network and sync in 24 hrs (1.225MM blocks)
P4 pc was able to sync the bootstrap.dat in 16hrs

v1.4.1 wallet initialisation

I7 pc was able to download the blockchain via the network and sync in 24 hrs (1.225MM blocks)
I7 pc was able to sync the bootstrap.dat in 19hrs
P4 pc Did not complete
P4 pc Did not complete

Eye Candy

Some deserving eye candy on the progress. Album is also shared on Imjur

Send Tab
Request Tab
Transaction Tab
Debug Information
Debug Traffic
Debug Peers


Translations continue to be updated which is great to see. Thank you to all those who are contributing their time and effort.

Notable mentions this week go to:
Serkan34 Syar for their ongoing language contributions
I have already pulled their work into the next release candidate

This is the running list of desired languages, and if you like you can also check the overall running list on transiflex here.

  • French (100% completed
  • Spanish (100% completed)
  • Dutch (100% completed)
  • German (99% completed)
  • Chinese (99% completed)
  • Turkish (99% completed)
  • Swedish (98% completed)
  • Danish (97% completed)
  • Russian (98% completed)
  • Italian (97% completed)
  • Portuguese (96% completed)
  • Icelandic (88% completed)
  • Romanian (82% completed)
  • Indonesian (87% completed)
  • Hungarian (78% completed)
  • Polish (46% completed)
  • Ukrainian (44% completed)
  • Tagalog (15% completed)
  • Hindi (0% completed)

Getting involved

We are a global community, and cross many borders but boundaries do not need to hinder us.

The crypto currency world has not reached its tipping point yet, but when it does, it is sure to escalate at an amazing rate. There are going to be many ups and downs, and an interesting ride for sure.

If you would like to get involved and dont know where to start, reach out and we will see where you can jump in Deadpool has a great Trello site going with activities that need looking at.

In Closing

There is still plenty to do, but I feel we are another step closer to a public release. A lot has been achieved already, and it feels like now is putting the polish on the final product.

I thank you all for your patience and support, it has been a long road, but the journey has been worth it.

So where ever you are, enjoy your week ahead

Keep on staking!

Gnasher Big_Map_Idea wouldn’t it be interesting to refresh the interface of the wallet before release ?
So we can have a linked visual identity between it and future developments such as Redd-ID and mobile wallets ?

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Good news, ladies and gentlemen!

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DeadPool Gnasher I’m happy to work on a desktop app GUI as well, if/when desired.

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Big_Map_Idea DeadPool
As much as i acknowledge that the the image needs a freshen up
I think it goes beyond just updating the desktop wallet.

What is needed is a uniform look across the board in all the core products.
I have been involved in branding in the past, and it should be executed with a vision…

I recall quite some time ago that there was a competition for a new mascot, which i don’t think went anywhere.

All these go hand in hand (isnt that what a marketing person could do) and can contribute to the success.


Gnasher Here is the original Mascot Reddcoin had before the coin-shaped logo:

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Ah yes, i remember this guy…

What i envisage is some cool branding…
When I am resting my mind from other reddcoin activities, I go browsing for inspiration.
Sometimes, browsing the google images search

One of the styles that is coming through on many platforms is the ‘flat’ look

It is clean and recognizable.
At the same time, we need to standout from the crowd

Gnasher dragonfrugal Mascots are effective in specific markets. Overall, they have a childlike quality, and tend to be fun, friendly, and approachable. Desirable qualities for something as complex as cryptocurrency, but I personally think they’re a little too cute in this arena.

Maybe someone can prove me wrong.

I think the “mascot” should just be the logo. If necessary, the logo can evolve or be redesigned.

But you don’t benefit from two visual identifies - a logo, and a mascot. Thats competing with yourself.

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Here’s a look at a poster I created a while back. I think this kind of direction really hones in on the global Reddcoin vision. I’m leaning more towards the realism approach as opposed to the cartoonish stuff. I want to see real people, benefiting from the community vision… Reddcoin is about YOU. About US!



Big_Map_Idea that is a nice piece of work on the poster

on the logo vs mascot, i also think that the choice needs to be one or the other.
People need to be able to identify with a single object or idea.

Again, this comes down to branding, and having the brand reflect the idea or goal

Gnasher I honestly like the current logo myself. Big_Map_Idea 's poster looks great too. I’m no marketing guy, so nothing more to say here. :slight_smile: Just figured I’d pull up that old logo. Good luck with the marketing.

Gnasher I actually do have one other thought on marketing: microtransactions. If people knew how little the transaction fees were on Reddcoin for <= $1 transactions compared to bitcoin it might attract a few folks.

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Big_Map_Idea Honestly no idea on marketing myself, but that’s a damn nice poster you made. :slight_smile:

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Gnasher dragonfrugal Thanks for the comments on the poster. One aspect I like about it is how it communicates the idea of Reddcoin without needing to say much. That’s powerful marketing. Too many coins out there try to explain the idea through infographics and detailed descriptions about what makes them different from other coins, how exactly it all works, etc.

People are lured in by beauty… the how and why can be saved for the website, etc.

Not an absolute, but something to keep in mind.


dragonfrugal you are right, we do have a good position for microtransactions,
We have a fast, stable blockchain that is well tested, and fairly well accepted.

We just need to convert that stability into encouraging users to interact.
Which reminds me, during the Cryptsy melt down, RDD was one of the few ways that people could get their funds out

As a small aside, i am also looking how to improve sweeping micro-transactions into large amounts.
Transactions under 1 RDD could be considered dust as the value is so low, but we do accept them
If anyone who received a sampling of small donations in the last couple of months could attest, it does take a while for them to gain enough weight to be consumed automatically.

Pure and simple, it should be as easy as that.

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Gnasher I did notice somebody spamming the network for some reason. Maybe some type of automatic coin control, automatically moving all inputs under 1 RDD into one input sent to the primary private key in the QT wallet whenever it is running? Honestly I have no idea, I’m just an interpreted language programmer.

werdff Looks like the usual cloud mining ponzi scheme…better to just buy you coins on exchanges.

dragonfrugal Это и есть пирамида на несколько месяцев. Свою рефссылку больше негде разместить. У меня вообще сложилось впечатление, что облачного майнинга не существует впринципе. После непродолжительного времени либо пишут, что плата за энергию превышает добычу и предлагают купить другие мощности, либо просто исчезают с просторов интернета.