State of the Redd-Nation :: October 17, 2016

Reddcoin Bi-Weekly Development Update


Welcome again Reddheads to the bi-weekly update of Reddcoin Development.

It has been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks since the Reddcoin Roadmap was released and the feedback has been awesome.

The roadmap now gives Reddcoin a clear direction for the growth and adoption by the broader community and from the feedback I have received already there is quite some excitement.

In the last few weeks I have had a number of interviews regarding Reddcoin. If you haven’t read yet, you may find interesting:

Reddheads (Sept 5)

Gsteele (Sept 28)

Bitcoin Dood ( Oct 10)

Reddcoin 2016-2017 Roadmap:

The Reddcoin Roadmap is already out.

With that, work has continued to meet with the schedule.

Although the time-line for the roadmap is linear, a lot of the work occurring is actually overlapping as we start to bring some of the new features.

Already we have started connecting in the Redd-ID system into Electrum server, with all initial testing successful. I am really excited for what flexibility this will bring.


Our focus is on providing updates as close to the timeline sequence as possible.

The current status of development is:

  • Redd-ID: Big advancements have been made already in integration work into the electrum protocol. We now have a working base in which to add the required parameters
  • Electrum Server: Adding the foundation for layering in Redd-ID to the Electrum protocol. My development Electrum server is running this new code.
  • Electrum Wallet: Have already created an exchange plug-in for several exchanges, and working on the Redd-ID components. Also working to bring the code base.
  • Redd-ID information portal: Building a Redd-ID specific website to help educate the general public about the benefits of Reddcoin.
  • Reddcoin Dash-board: There are a few sites already for Reddcoin blockchain information, but I feel one more is needed that works closer to the changes that are being worked on.

Bitcointalk Reddcoin ANN Thread

This has been on the Reddcoin team radar for quite a while now, We have been investigating either relaunching a new thread, or re-enabling the existing BitcoinTalk Reddcoin ANN thread.

Both options are available but either way, there is a bit of work to do to craft the Original Post with up to date information that reflects the current status of work and goals, along with the roadmap.

This is an exciting moment, as we have not had a very strong presence on BitcoinTalk for almost 2 years. It will be good to establish this line of communication once again with the community.

Getting involved

We are a global community, and cross many borders but boundaries do not need to hinder us.

The crypto currency world has not reached its tipping point yet, but when it does, it is sure to escalate at an amazing rate. There are going to be many ups and downs, and an interesting ride for sure.

If you would like to get involved and dont know where to start, reach out and we will see where you can jump in Deadpool has a great Trello site going with activities that need looking at.

In Closing

Thank you for your patience.
I know in this arena things projects move fast, but I am confident that we now have a platform to move forward.
There are lots of exciting projects out there, but none quite touch on the ideas I have in mind.

As always, there is still plenty to do, and there is no time for resting.

So where ever you are, enjoy your week ahead

Keep on staking!

(John Nash)

Gnasher onward we go…

Инновационная система кирто заработка!

What about usual claims that PoS is much more susceptible to attacks than PoW (e.g. Are these issues addressed or will be ever addressed in your plans?

Vanamonde it is a good question and one that often surfaces…

The argument between the POS and POW camps has been a long fought one.

We believe in the advantages of POS over POW and in allowing ANYONE to have access to support the ongoing security of the network (and earn something in return). Don’t forget Reddcoin was once a POW coin before the switch to PoSV, and before my time in Reddcoin, I also dabbled in mining

The paper you referenced, was written by the Bitfury Group back in 2015…
Bitfury (amongst other things) are a well established chip manufacture and mining company for POW coins (Bitcoin). They have a very vested interest in seeing that Bitcoin and POW remain successful above all else.

A little while back, an interesting tweet went out from Vitalik Buterin about a group who were advocating 51% attacks on certain coins. The question was asked if any POS coin had been successfully 51% attacked.

Now, The other side of this is, we are not complacent either. We are always looking to our POS relatives and friends as to any potential weakness that may be uncovered.

Reddcoin has a fairly reasonable ownership spread, with significant and consistent nodes online. While in this state, the network will be resistant to attack as long as there is interesting from users to continue supporting the network…

As a part of the roadmap, we are looking at possible options to further strengthen the network.

Ok, thank you for your detailed answer. I think anyway all these Po… will somehow evolve, and PoS is not an exception and has its potential. And I see that Redd has interesting features and, what is the main, the will to improve. It is why I am here.

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