supportR concept paper

Hi there. Just wanted to share my proposal for bravenewcoin s latest challenge. Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it and explain things as they could (paparticularly I wanted to sketch things up and didn’t find enough spare time), but I believe this can be used as stash to elaborate.

Many thanks to Reddibrek who helped me to work on my english expressions… I hope you find the paper interesting and we can have a discussion about it.

(As you can see this is a gourl link. I set this up to prevent circulation outside the commubity. If you want free access just contact me via PM).

Hopefully you’ll win!

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Will you get the coins if I pay, or do they go somewhere else?

Yep, I receice them. But you can also contact me and I’ll provide you with the link.

I think you have great ideas artiscience

I hope you can discuss these further with community members such as ReddcoinRocks , iisurge and Gnasher , who are working on fledgling projects that remind me of some elements evoked in your paper.

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SupportR is a very good start to establishing the next generation crowd-funding platform, driven by cryptocurrency.


Although I havent had a lot of time to read through in detail, artiscience provided a nice write up in the time available.
Would be good to see if it can be taken through to the proof of concept stage.
Even to flesh out some further details

Good Work!

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artiscience We have 4.5 Million Reddcoins with your name on it - please send me your address for payment



Try this one: RkJLSQrU54m4S9zdUoLUCqheBByQG8PtR9

Thanks for rewarding my proposal.

Sorry for delay - paid :slight_smile:

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