Sync issues

If I bought coin before syncing will I lose it?
Also, can I just get some easier to use generic wallet and use that after already purchasing coins?

lordliarlunatic buying RDD before the wallet has finished syncing is possible but not recommended.
To make sure your’re not losing your Reddcoin due to any unfortunate circumstances I would advise you to make several backups of your wallet on different storage devices.
Exporting the private key is a good alternative to that.

struggling with this 3 year snync…little bit frustrating send funds via shape shift have reciept but wallet not done syncing. Look into fast syncing and could not get that to work like the youtube videos. Its a little bit of a bummer.

Go to this link and download the blockchain.

Did it myself and it was in no time synced.

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JimboReddJones Trying your method now…is the community giving up on this coin ??

did it work for you?