Syncing Taking a VERY Long Time

Can someone help me out?

I downloaded the wallet yesterday and it’s been syncing ever since. I’m still 2 years 13 weeks behind.

Is there a link I can download it fast at?

Thanks in advance for the help!

leandro030821 you can try the bootstrap method.

Do a quick search for reddcoin bootstrap.

It is normal behaviour for Reddcoin Core 2.0 to take a long time to sync. The limitation is CPU performance particularly on older CPUs. The reddcoin-qt will often seem unresponsive also. We are working on Reddcoin Core 2.1 which will inherit featured from Bitcoin 0.10, including “headers first” synchronisation which we anticipate will give a significant improvement to sync behaviour. Meanwhile the current behaviour is distinctly sub-optimal, but if you leave it to do its stuff, it works fine.

Thanks for the replies.

I left the computer on all night and got here this morning and it finished syncing.

Time to stock up some Reddcoins!

Also, can you guys teach me how to make a bootstrap? I wouldn’t mind taking my time to create one and upload it for new users.

It’ll help them out a lot. I’m sure there are some people that give up because of how long it takes to sync.

Has been syncing 12 hours now and still on 2 years and 32 weeks.
But I found a solution and hope it will work

I got a RDD blockchain snapshot from here:

You can download and extract it to your reddcoin folder, where blockchain files are stored. It is not perfectly up to date (dont remember it right, but approx. 30-50 weeks of chain data have to be loaded after importing).

Mbprofits Update - Did not work. Took approx 36 hours to sync :slight_smile: