tecopos Escrow Service [Multisig supported]

Hello everyone,

I’m hereby offering to serve as an Escrow to the community. Since I’ve been involved in cryptocurrencies for over a year, and with Reddcoin since the beginning, I have been slowly understanding the inner works of a cryptocurrencies, and I now feel confident in providing a service that is very valuable, but has no one doing it in the Reddcoin community, as far as I know. I am proposing myself to fill those shoes, in order to make Reddcoin the most versatile alt-coin around and to help the community!

The service is free of charge. I only ask people to pay for transaction fees (0.001 RDD should be enough). The escrowed funds can be hold on a normal, or on a Multisig address, as per your preference. All participants should give me up to 48 hours to release funds.

To communicate to the participants in the escrow, I generated an address in an offline computer with which I’ll be securely signing my messages, so you know it’s really me talking. The address is this one: Rb1vXo1By9dPtWcwX9C4shMHfMZHr6w1wD

This address will only be for signing messages, no funds will be sent or withdrawn from there. You can find a signed message from there in the bottom of this post (verify it in your client using the verify message option)

Alternatively, I am also available to simply help people set up their own escrow, by following either my tutorial, on the academy section, or any other tutorial they prefer.

If you do use my service and feel that there’s something I should improve, feel free to tell me, I’m always open to suggestions! And if you feel that I should be compensated for the service, feel free to tip me at Rddtip7pfQcd9ZtK7Lgpwiec4YYmisQQWC

Here’s the message to prove I own the escrow address


This is tecopos for the reddcointalk forums, and this is my escrow address used for official communications as of 7/02/2015