The Bitcoin Group #60 Mentions Reddcoin (Blake Anderson)

Reddcoin gets a mention from Blake Anderson on #60 Episode of The Bitcoin Group. He seems to speak in past sense (“was”) so Im guessing he isnt completely up to date or hasnt followed up beyond any initial research.

Not horrible, not great, but that will change over time :smiley:

36mins 30seconds toughly into the video.

YouCanDoAnything He know he says “it is already trying to be a niche coin for this”

I think it is great since some from bitcoin players has already seen the project and know we are the social currency.

With that said, People still doesn’t understand why it is better than doge? why?
We will state some innovations for them to start. By the way the previous question was about private keys… and inter device operation something that we solve with Electrum.


From what I gather, he may be explaining why he isnt 100% into reddcoin in another video. He may not, who knows.

I dont always agree with everyone on The Bitcoin Group (Youtube), however I do enjoy their videos.

I will say this. I have seen them make some pretty terrible calls, both as a group and individuals though.

If im correct (I cant watch video at work), this has come from my tweets with him a few days ago. After seeing the post reddcoin made on reddit about a tweet. I sent him a tweet asking his opinion on the new wallet and he replied saying he didn’t like the monetary principals or something along them lines. So I questioned it, and he said it would be a good discussion for the group.

If there’s anything we can send to him in response to this video, I will happily send it in reply to his tweets to me, as we may be more likely to get another response

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Give them the wiki site link:

It is a good place to prepare a discussion!

Dan He didn’t like the monetary principles? What does that even mean?

hydrazine I think he doesn’t even know them to be honest… he was just created some fast marketing for the others to investigate. It is awesome anyway to have some people looking for the coin before it is even ready to use.

He isnt a fan of proof of stake if I am not mistaken. Not sure this even matters, as its the other features that are being built for reddcoin that actually sets it apart.

Every coin says this with their doodads, Custom OS’s, being backed by urine, manure, etc.

However Reddcoin was the first I came across, that actually had a clear vision of attacking adoption socially, while taking security into consideration, has great intuitive design in their interfaces and sites, great functionality in its services etc etc. Completely shines in a world full of alts.

I happen to like Blake, and appreciate opinions whether I agree with them or not. Adoption of reddcoin has to be organic and natural at all times. We have great devs, great supporters and I know that eventually we will win over more and more people. Whether that includes Blake or not… only time will tell :smiley: