The cryptocurrency market has a remedial rebound

The whole cryptocurrency market has a remedial rebound. Under the rebound of the support of major currencies, the digital currency has shown a different degree of increase. Bitcoin price usd has rebounded since the early hours of the morning, while ETH has changed its past market and has risen from the low of 167 US dollars. The overall rebound was strong. According to citicoins statistics, there was a large influx of ETH yesterday, among which OKEx, Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, etc. flowed into about 300,000 ETHs within 24 hours yesterday, and as of 6 pm today, the ETH turnover rate was as high as 365%, and the ratio was 1.55. Liquidity continues to rise.

Recent comments on ethereum value tend to be polarized. The decliners say that Ethereum ETH is not a decline, but the loss of the Ethereum belief in the entire industry. They said that although Ethereum has established a prosperous blockchain 2.0 era, it has also created a huge bubble, and now Ethereum’s address increments are decreasing, demand is declining, and ETH continues to fall. It caused a big panic and was also a sign that the bubble was nearing the burst.

Contrary to this point of view, the ETH decline is only the result of capital speculation. The capital market has risen and fallen. In the absence of more projects in the industry, Ethereum has been struggling to support the block IP 2.0. It is not easy. Alex Saunders, CEO and founder of NuggetsNewsAU, tweeted that Ethereum was not dead. He said that 94 of the top100 projects were built on the Ethereum; the lightning network has been completed; the tickets for the fourth developer conference have been sold out; the block rewards are decreasing; the Ethereum futures are coming soon; the developer community is over 250,000 There are currently 14,000 decentralized nodes; and V God is a genius. There is a V God does not fall, Ethereum does not fall, ETH does not fall.

As of September 13, according to Citicoins data, the total market value of the digital currency market was US$16.3 billion, an increase of US$9.15 billion from yesterday’s total market value, up 4.89% from the previous month; market transaction volume was US$118.8 billion, down US$310 million from yesterday, down from the previous month. 2.57%.

The top 100 digital currencies monitored by the market have 93 currencies, and the increase is mainly distributed within 10%, with an average increase of 8.49%. Nano rose by 39.16%, Aurora rose by 37.68%, siacoin price fell by 3.79%, and RChain fell by 1.18%.