The Day Reddgoin Goes Viral

Imagine if you will a Crypto Currency with innovative features and a small but growing community, developed and left to grow on its own. New features were slow in coming but the initial development was so robust and well made that it quietly made itself an alternative currency of choice for tipping content creator’s, artist, poets, musicians and sending gifts to friends around the world, The initial price was very very low and because of this people began to use it, the staking function meant the network was very secure and the 5%-20% interest people gained for participating with their wallets unlocked for staking made the network and block chain very secure.
One day a member sent a Tweet to a celebrity and a tip of 1 million coins, the celebrity retweeted the tip to 900`k followers and in one instant the coin became a viral success. The initial price went up a bit as demand peaked but the important thing was the network grew…and thrived. This has not happened to Reddcoin yet but it certainly could.

Use the things you do now to grow the brand…teach be an ambassador for the coin…look for the chance to explain it to people. One wallet and coin at a time we can spur growth and adoption…We can…BUT WILL WE?


Redshift Already Told 10 who have successfully started staking and many are interested but I can’t give them a lot to start with and faucet payouts are not much.
While they go for another coin such as Doge and others.

I give them 2k to 3k RDD for starts

Our day will come!! Keep on pushing!

AkshatBahety I sent you some coins to help with what you’re doing.


GrayPhoenix Thansk a lot sorry I was a bit busy these days that’s why couldn’t reply and the funding is much appreciated I have forwarded the message that I am giving 5K RDD to everyone who joins the network.

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