The Social X platform

Gnasher John, will the Reddcoin Social X Platform be in any way similar to Changetip?

I would like to think we are very different to changetip (and more long lived).
Changetip, from what I understand was a centralised service.
My big picture goal is… No wallet centralisation. You the user must maintain control for your coins.

This will make for some novel techniques for how to on-board users who have never owned a Reddcoin


ok. That is something I did not consider as far as centralization is concerned. Duh, your right Gnasher. That is not what I would want for my currency and social platform. Definitely not centralized but decentralized and Changetip is not decentralized. I can see your point. So in this respect Reddcoin will far exceed Changetip in this regard. Good point.

Gnasher I have a question for you in the creation of our social x platform. I know we are working on this platform on our own but would it be smart to collaborate with social media outlets like Twitter etc… to impliment our platform with theirs or is our platform just a seperate protocol that will be a compliment to other social media?

altcoinbonanza initially so that we can cover as many social platforms as possible, it will be layered onto the network. The long term goal is for acceptance into the application layer

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