TotalNub A-Z Install of 'redd'wallet.tar.gz

Well decided to load lubuntu on an old laptop under the bed for 2 years and put some wallets on it. Redd was first. Assuming i know not one thing about the language can i get a hand up?
Downloaded the tar.gz file and thats about how far i got…
ended up in
extracted there,
right clicked extracted file,
open with terminal,
sudo su,

when do I cd into src prolly and then how to do the .make my buddy was trying to explain to me?

So im asking is there a REAL NUB, no prior knowledge or assumptions, start to finish linux install from the reddcoin- ?

dova i get where you are coming from.
There are 2 options. Install from source or install from a precompiled binary.
We dont have an instruction specifically for Reddcoin (DeadPool could you put this on your list of todo)
In the tar.gz there should be a precompiled binary reddcoin-qt so no need to compile.

It is late here for me so cant put too much more in a message.
If you search for “bitcoin install tar.gz” this should find you some more information if you cant wait for me

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ya I believe its all done with e tar.gz. Anyway im in no hurry today, heading to work and will be out most the day, see ya around.

edit ‘the’ tar.gz

well got her up and syncing.understood a little more and that readme helped, go figure…
now gonna go try and see about that quick bootstrap and then changing my original address over to keep my coin age and stuff


Gnasher noted

More reading…cant strap a new wallet after sync had already been started. :slight_smile: im getting there. Thanks for the patience
Gonna redo the wallet set up since im comfortable w/install once i get a chance, instead of waiting for what looked like days for the sync.

ok had some time to fiddle again.
deleted everything even the libraries instructed to install first in the readme

-downloaded linux wallet
-unpacked the tar.gz in the download folder
-created reddcoin folder
-copied reddcoin linux wallet to home/user/crypto/reddcoin
-do not start the wallet in any fashion or the strap wont work apparently
-downloaded bootstrap
-unpacked the strap to the download folder, results bootstrap.dat
-use the teriminal (ctrl + alt + t) and type mkdir **.**reddocin to create the **.**reddcoin folder
-this folder is made when u start the wallet by default, but to avoid start up sync use above method
-move bootstrap.dat to the **.**reddcoin folder in terminal type mv boostrap.dat .reddoin

HERE is where im stuck. Trying to now move the file bootstrap.dat to the folder called **.**reddcoin the .dat disappears and doesnt show up when trying to ls **.**reddcoin in terminal

so is that not the right way to move the strap.dat into the **.**reddcoin?
im trying hard to learn and read command usage.

dova just confirming you are making the .reddcoin directory in your home directory
Sounds like you are moving the bootstrap to the wrong path

cd ~
mkdir .reddcoin

mv ./download/bootstrap.dat ~/.reddcoin/bootstrap.dat
ll .reddcoin

should give you the correct listing

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ive tried both. putting into the home/username/crypto/reddcoin/reddcoin- which is where the bin and src is with no luck getting it to load the strap and then i read that it needs to be in **.**reddcoin which holds the wallet and peers.dat etc . so thats where im trying to put it. Hope that is clear, thank you

dova correct, bootstrap.dat needs to go into the ~/.reddcoin folder

from your description, it sounded like your move did not place the bootstrap.dat into the .reddcoin directory
that is, when you did a ‘ls’ it was not visible

correct, everything is on track until this point of trying to use the strap. i can sync normally and wallet installed and works good, just using the strap seems like it will not copy over no matter what commands i try. I see the .reddcoin and other files in it, so i know think i created it correctly because i can get there easily as instructed and wallets works otherwise, maybe i can add some screencaps later, gotta hit the road for now. thank you.

ok, how about permissions
could you try create an empty file in the directory

touch ./reddcoin/bootstrap.dat