Transform a geek/tech head wallet for Granny's to use

Hello RRD community - I am old time miner holding & staking
I apologize if my title/heading comes across as a little rude or belittling (not intended)
I have just watched John Nash video
and also see praise for a auto backup for the wallet and this leads me to-
The philosophy in Mr Nash’s interview RDD id for Granny proofing same as making content readable for a 5 year old. Ideas & Concepts!

This same principle should be shared & used on the wallet as it is not mainstream user proof for dummies
as prosperity will not be gain or massive mainstream user uptake by continuing the same old wallet strategy that only geeks or tech heads can do stress free as in the recent auto backup feature which would not get of the ground with mum and dads or teenagers and kids that have no tech abilities
A Please request to John & Dev community - start a development program for an upgrade of the wallet to become the “one click wonder” where an eg. windows style update of the wallet creates an automatic update of the wallet dat file then proceeds to do an update of the wallet and save users from freaking out along with all the in between stuff - so easy to integrate users are happy then the general social public will love RDD , and though these actions if taken will create massive mainstream uptake through the social media platforms by default along with a natural reason for growing value and not a pump & Dump.

No disrespect intended for the dev who created the auto update to!

The John Nash video interview gave me the bug to joined the community and post!
I feel this coin has just reached the first base camp on its next leg up the mountain
and is so well positioned as a social coin to achieve a greater concept as digital material
and move to a living thing plant/creature or evolve into living sentient social being!


Yes i think an automatic backup would be essential for the masses, i think a hardware backup and also attaching the Redd-id to an email would provide sufficient confidence in the average person. The beauty of Redd-id for me is that it has a user name, where as other coins addresses look horrible and unrecognisable, the Redd-id username places much more personality into the transaction and makes it feel less complicated (and therefore less risky). I have been involved in cryptos for years now and i still get nervous that i have not completely copied an address, with a username like “Tom”, this worry is significantly decreased.

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I believe with rdd id along with core Dev’s wallets re-build for dummies and implemented for main stream users we would by default become a “Teir 1” monster of a coin and not a PAD by market makers,
I strongly believe we could be in the ring taking down all contenders to proceed to the main event delivering a knockout punch to btc!

This could be a really wow moment for RDD!


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FixItDad Я считаю, что самый простой и удобный кошелёк, который будет доступен и понятен всем, даже бабушкам и который не надо будет обновлять самому, это мультивалютный кошелёк по типу
Сделать так, чтобы обмен был только через Редкоин и любая операция, кроме приёма монеты, забирает процент, за обслуживание и на содержание сети.
А сейчас получается, что кошелёк надо постоянно обновлять. Если винчестер загнулся, то всё, все монеты потеряны, если нет резервной копии. А какая бабушка сможет восстановить свой кошелёк по резервной копии?
А так, есть логин и пароль и заходи в свой кошелёк откуда угодно. А сейчас такое чувство, что рассчитано на то, что кто то не сможет обновить свой кошелёк или восстановить его и никакая бабушка такой системой, как сейчас, пользоваться не будет.

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Hello FixItDad!

You have indeed find one of our weak spot that fortunately, we know about for some time now.

As the community continue to grow, we manage to attract UX/UI Devs that we believe can help us into refreshing the interface as long as improving the user experience and getting close the “less clicks” wonder :wink:

This will also help us get some streamline UX across mobile and PC wallets hopefully.

So I can just tell you to stay tuned for the next improvements!

Cheers :slight_smile:


DeadPool hw u doing…do you have any reasonable expectation of reddcoin price when all these fearures would have been active?

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well…no, i am not a traders nor a crystal ball reader.
Reddcoin will reach the price representative of the services and functionanlities we offer.
And sincerely I have no clue if one functionnality is better valued than another.

In fact, each improvments we will be doing will bring its own value to the users.
Users will then decide if the value brought is worth making rdd moving up.

So, no, I have no idea of how reasonnable a price for such functionnalities could be.

i can only hope it reach the cents.


alright, when services and functionalities is up, this community will get to work and hopefully you guys get interviewed on bloomberg and mentioned on yahoo. Lets dominate this space and make everybody happy and fast, so we are not dealing with a tough competitor

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Alex007 said in Transform a geek/tech head wallet for Granny's to use:

Hi Alex could not read your message (au english I am)
Though my early research just produce scam reports on on bitcointalk
Looks like it had promise once

FixItDad Привет! Я написал, что неплохо бы такой кошелёк для РДД, где всё удобно и понятно. И тогда бабушка, которая немного знакома с интернетом, сможет покупать и продавать монеты, обменивать их и покупать товар в интернет магазинах.
А мошенники везде есть.

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Привет, Алекс, я нашел инструмент для преобразования вашего русского текста
Спасибо за ваши мысли и идеи!
Privet, Aleks, ya nashel instrument dlya preobrazovaniya vashego russkogo teksta
Spasibo za vashi mysli i idei!
Hello Alex I found a tool to convert your Russian text
Thank you for your thoughts and Idea’s!

Да, вы правы, если бы могли включить такой инструмент, как
И что-то подобное было бы хорошо и по-настоящему помочь RDD на новый уровень естественного роста
Da, vy pravy, yesli by mogli vklyuchit’ takoy instrument, kak
I chto-to podobnoye bylo by khorosho i po-nastoyashchemu pomoch’ RDD na novyy uroven’ yestestvennogo rosta
Yes you are right if they could include a tool like
and or something simular would well and truely help RDD to a new level of natural growth

Хорошая идея для реализации alex
Мультивалютный кошелек типа
Сделайте так, чтобы обмен был только через Reddcoin
Khoroshaya ideya dlya realizatsii alex
Mul’tivalyutnyy koshelek tipa
Sdelayte tak, chtoby obmen byl tol’ko cherez Reddcoin
Good Idea to implement alex
multi-currency purse of the type
Make it so that the exchange was only through Reddcoin

So true Alex other weakness’s you have brought attention to!
And what kind of grandmother can restore her purse by backup?

Posted by Alex007 and converted below

I believe that the simplest and most convenient wallet, which will be accessible and understandable to everyone, even grandmothers, and which will not need to be updated itself, is a multi-currency purse of the type

Make it so that the exchange was only through Redkoin and any operation other than taking the coin, takes the interest, for maintenance and for the maintenance of the network.

And now it turns out that the purse should be constantly updated. If the hard drive is bent, then everything, all the coins are lost, if there is no backup. And what kind of grandmother can restore her purse by backup?

And so, there is a login and a password and go into your wallet from anywhere. And now there is a feeling that it is calculated that somebody will not be able to update his purse or restore it, and no grandmother will use such a system as now.

Спасибо, Алекс
Thank you Alex

Hello all,

I also think that one of the most important thing to have RDD widely used is to be simple. I cannot say it better than “One button app”.
It should be easy, fast and design. And integrated in the already existing solution (nobody wants to download 10 software to be able to have something).

For information, I’m quite new to RDD so keep this in mind reading my comment, I can be wrong on topics, but I still want to help :slight_smile:

So far my ideas on this topic:

  • Design: Must be great (site and RDD introduction video are already beautiful so keep the same style)
  • Fast: (already the case)
  • Secure: but not complex
    Could we have a cloud service for backup? If my computer crash, and my smartphone is dead, then I re-download RDD wallet, answer questions / email / password and have everything back.
  • Multi platform
    Already the case as all the information are in the blockchain, so the computer and phone will have same level of information if sync. Still one same Redd-ID profile must be used.
  • Easy (one button)
    Cryptonator is nice
    But I want to come back on the idea from John Nash interview, the browser plugin:
    If RDD app is on my phone then if I go to my phone facebook / reddit / instagram / etc, RDD app can run on background and can communicate with all of those app.
    If I’m on my computer then the RDD wallet can communicate with browser extension that communicate with all the pages (facebook, reddit, instagram, etc).
    So you would have to install only the RDD wallet on computer (or phone) (that will add a browser extension) and the app on your phone.
    Next step would be to have only the app to install on your phone, a website like and auto-discussion between website and a browser plugin.

Something like that?


Lilian I would agree with those comment. We want to support but all job must be done with the reddcoin team member.

dudilicious how come it would be like this… the real coin still tradable. But the dev choose to be quite in this room… I’m worried sooner or later this coin become among the shit coin.

cryptohero Its sad, of course that there are not even a smaller teaser, its destructing the fun and faith. For long term holders its not so big deal maybe, but for relatively newbies, its a real setback - you open a github and there only 1yo commits, its frustrating. From one side i uderstand those who start to bring up FUD, etc., from different side - its only make things worse, i think those who do that just want to bring the price down and buy cheap, so this quiet period for them is great thing - to do their dirty business. :slight_smile: But in general - frustration starts only when OUR (MY) expectation doesnt match real life situation. :slight_smile: Maybe its better than we think and everything is going as it should and finally it will be great. :slight_smile:

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platais09 One particular reason why there haven’t been commits to github in a year is that the coding was well done. Why change something when it works? There are a couple of developers working on updating reddcoin core to incorporate some changes from bitcoin 0.14 that will increase speed of sync times and add some other features which will be beneficial to the community as a whole.

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platais09 it is sad… the minnow will die